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Dog Shows are fashion shows
Dog shows have little point to them other than being a place for snobs to show off their purebreds.

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Dog shows in media will always be portrayed a competition where rich snobs show off their dogs, often with Preppy Name's, for prizes. They're portrayed as little more than a dog beauty contest. Occasionally the hero will come in with their pet, often a mix breed just to really show their point, and win the competition.

There's little to no allusions of the true reasons for dogs shows. They're for breeding reasons.

See Pounds Are Animal Prisons for similarly misinformed tropes.


  • One episode of SpongeBob SquarePants involves the titular character taking his pet snail Gary to be a part of the "Bikini Bottom Snail Race". It's treated with all the same stereotypes of a dog show.
  • Johnny Test had an episode about dog shows.
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