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[Missing Supertrope] an ailment or buff to a character's abilities
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Part of a TRS reworking of Standard Status Effects, which has problems. This here is the core, underlying Super Trope to both status ailments and Status Buff. No Examples, Please.

In Video Games, a status effect is any temporary modification to a character's usual abilities or rules (especially rules of combat). These are virtually omnipresent among RPGs, but also show up in other genres of video gaming (often in direct proportion to other RPG Elements in general). This provides opportunities for strategy and variety in battles, by allowing a player to deal with foes (or vice versa) in ways other than simply reducing their Hit Points to zero.

Exactly what a given status effect does, where it comes from and how it can be removed from a character varies widely — as widely as the games they appear in. However, most effects fall into one of two categories:

  • Status Ailments: Primarily negative, unwanted effects: Damage Over Time, restricting a character's actions, or so on. By far the more common class of effects, these usually persist until explicitly cured or removed — but just as often, the player can easily acquire dedicated cures for each ailment at nearby shops.
  • Status Buffs: Primarily positive effects, such as boosted attack power, HP regeneration, or deflecting enemy attacks. These tend to be temporary affairs, typically wearing off at the end of a given battle.

These categories are not always exclusive — some effects are both positive and negative, which can make them good or bad depending on the context they're applied to.

Typical sources of status effects include spells and items that can directly (or indirectly) inflict them, enchanted equipment that imparts an effect to its wearer, or even a Field Power Effect from the environment itself.

For more detailed information about positive or negative status effects, see Status Ailment and Status Buff. For this page, No Examples, Please (as we'd end up listing virtually every RPG ever made).
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