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Deathbed Conversion
A Face Heel Turn caused by being near death.
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A character is in danger of dying. He may be old, sick, or know that disaster is imminent, and has good reason to believe he is not long for this world. Instead of living Like You Were Dying, he uses his time to make his peace with God and with those he has done wrong or otherwise has strained relationships with. Related to Death Equals Redemption and Redemption Equals Death.


  • The Bible: The repentant criminal crucified next to Jesus.
  • Thirteen Days: Invoked with the sign: "Confessions 24 hours, pray for peace."
  • Ironically, the Trope Namer for Like You Were Dying contains an example of this trope, the line, "...gave forgiveness I'd been denying..."
  • The purpose of the Last Rites.
  • Jack Bauer tries to make his peace with God after being infected with a prion agent.
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