All Hippies Drive Vans
Hippies' rides are always vans, most often VW buses
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Whenever hippies are depicted as having wheels, the ride is almost always a van, and most often a Volkswagen Bus. The van will often have a trippy design on it.

This is Truth in Television. By nature, hippies are gregarious, don't usually have a lot of money, and Volkwagens are cheap. Thus a VW Bus is an ideal choice for hippies and their many friends to travel the world on a limited budget. Of course, as the hippie movement grew, the Bus became a symbol strongly associated with the hippie movement, and then hippies started buying VW Buses just because it was hip.

Besides low cost and high capacity, vans have a other advantages for the hippie. Small, high windows make it easy to for hippies to comfortably smoke pot and do other drugs outside the sight of passing drivers. Also, the van is convenient to sleep in during weekend music festivals.

Works that provide examples of this trope:


Films - Animated
  • Cars, sort of. Fillmore was more a case of a hippie being a van, with a trippy paint job.

Films - Live Action

Live-Action TV
  • Dharma and Greg. Dharma's old-school hippie-parents have a VW van, which is usually either broken down or in the process of breaking down.
  • In the Father Ted episode Tentacles of Doom, a bishop who has just left the church says he's off to India with "a few friends." These turn out to be a cluster of hippies in a VW microbus, who beckon him in the open sliding door and hand him a joint as they drive off.

  • From the C. W. McCall song "Convoy":
    Eleven long-haired Friends of Jesus in a —>chartreuse micro-bus."
  • The lyrics to Men At Work's song Land Down Under start with
    -"Traveling in a fried-out combie," (trans. a VW camper van in extreme disrepair).
    -"On a hippie trail, head full of zombie" (trans. stoned).

Web Original
  • One of the SCP Foundation's stranger findings is a VW microbus currently en route for Alpha Centauri. Investigation revealed that a borderline Mad Scientist developed radical propulsion technology that allowed four hippies to blast off to the stars in the fifties. However, the idea of hippies in space quickly stops being funny when you read the diary: it turns out none of them knew of the distances involved (they only make it past the moon after a few days, thinking they'd reach Alpha Centauri in a few weeks, and the bus is currently around Mars) and die of scurvy or starvation.

Western Animation
  • In the Futurama episode "Bendin' in the Wind", an ancient, abandoned VW bus is discovered. After Fry explains how it works, the crew get it repaired and go off on a hippie - themed road trip, following the band "Beck" on their "Bendaid" tour.
  • Scooby-Doo. Shaggy, at least, is arguably a hippie (Velma seems to have some underlying hippie vibe going as well), and given that the Mystery Machine is a VW trippy design, it's this.

Video Games

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