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Symbolic Badass
Badass event or person that holds some deep, profound meaning
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When something or someone does something in a badass way, but carries some sort of symbolysm. This symbolism can range from religious symbolysm to literary symbolysm. "Compare to Remind You of Anything" This trope can also crossover with Fridge Brilliance.


Manga and Anime: "Neon Geneses Evangelion" has too much religious symbolism intertwined with badass to count. The most noteworth one is that the Angels (Key word: "Angels")die in cross-shaped explosions. This also hides a more subtly-placed symbolysm of sacrafice, because like Jesus Christ,the Angels died with a cross. Unlike Jesus Christ, however, they die IN the cross, not on it.

"End of Evangelion" also has this trope in stockpiles, but it's hidden under two tons of Mind Fuck, Mind Rape, Flat-out What and guro to be noticed immediately.
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