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You Must Choose Now

Feuding factions surround one person and demand they choose who to ally with now

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A character has divided loyalties — maybe they're Raised by Orcs, and both the orcs and humans want them to stay with them. Or they're a pet with multiple owners, or a Tykebomb who left their creator but still feels some loyalty. It all comes to a head now, as they're surrounded by the different factions who demand that the divided one pick their side now. The poor bastard hears a wave of pleading that only WE can be trusted and everything THEY tell you is a pack of lies.

Often, the character will freeze, put hands on head, and shout "leave me alone! I need to think!" as they go through a flashback montage of everything they've experienced with each faction. Eventually, they decide, and rush to the one they're loyal to. If this happens in the middle of a battle, the character will often rush up to the bad guys, making it look like they've picked the dark side...and then the character whips out their gun/poison stinger/magic wand and kicks the villain's butt.

A common subversion is for the character to denounce all the factions, saying that they need to live their own life. A common parody (especially if the character is a pet) is for the wavering one to pick whichever faction looks or smells best...which may turn out to be the Recurring Extra wandering in, or the inanimate carbon rod lying on the ground.

Compare "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight.


  • The Simpsons, "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily." Both the Simpsons (minus Marge)and Flanders families want Maggie to stay with them. Maggie looks at the Flanders and sees shining lights and rainbows, then looks at the Simpsons and sees darkness, mud, and an awful-sounding frog croak. She's about to join the Flanders when Marge walks in, shining like the Flanders.
  • Teen Titans, "Can I Keep Him?" A giant moth monster must choose loyalties between his two owners, Killer Moth and Starfire. When Starfire reminds the monster of good times they had together (with flashback montage), Killer Moth starts saying, in baby-talk voice, "Did Killer Moth create you? Yes he did."
  • Lufia & The Fortress of Doom. The climax has Lufia being forced to choose whether she'll be loyal to the hero's party, or to the villains.
  • A Lighter and Softer version came in Sesame Street, where several groups of adults want Mr. Snuffleupagus to join them for the day. We get a flashback montage of his moments with each group before he decides who to run to.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man walks into a multi-way Mexican Standoff. All the people pointing weapons at each other insist that Spider-Man should side with them. Rather than go through the trouble of weighing their claims, Spider-man simply shoots webbing at everybody.
  • Happens in many, many episodes of Survivor, where different factions at Tribal Council will shout over each other at the swing voter. Usually it doesn't actually matter (since the swing voter has decided who they're with already), but in the season Blood Versus Water, a swing voter actually did change votes due to all the yelling.
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