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Genetic Skill

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I've noticed In the Blood used for this, but since that generally has to do with evil parents inevitably resulting in evil offspring, and the similar It Runs in the Family concerning crazy/wacky parents with similar offspring, neither quite fits, so here's my suggestion.

How did our hero get a particular skill? Was it through Training from Hell? Is he an Instant Expert? Is it via Powers Are Programs? Nope - turns out their family has been using that skill for generations, and it passed down the same way they got their looks - pure genetic inheritence.

Although it can get a Hand Wave that the character as a child naturally stuck close to the parent and thus learned the trade, it's just as likely that they can just pick up the skill without any training whatsoever.

While exaggerated, this can be Truth in Television - even if formal training from family members isn't sought, a child can learn from simple observation some of the basics of a given skill, and some physical traits that would help with a skill (such as manual dexterity) are obviously genetic.
  • In Love Hina, it's eventually explained that Keitaro's skill at cooking, particularly desserts, is a result of his family being a line of confectioners.
  • In Yakitate!! Japan, Meister Kirisaki never got formal training from his father (Big Bad Yuuichi Kirisaki) on how to bake break, but is a master in his own right on the matter.
  • Keiji Sasahara's sister Keiko attempts to invoke this in Genshiken to justify trying to get into otaku subculture in a transparent attempt to steal Kousaka from Kasukabe.
  • In Final Fantasy X, Tidus' blitzball skills are not due to any instruction from his father (described as rather hands-off, if not outright insulting, about Tidus' abilities in that regard).
  • The entire Hikari family in the Mega Man Battle Network series - the main character's father and grandfather are both experts in the field of Navis. And Book Dumb Idiot Hero Lan is shown in the epilogue of the sixth game to follow in those footsteps.
  • The main character of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire - child of the Normal-type gym leader Norman, who only does anything regarding Pokemon with his child when said child challenges his gym.
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