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First Day From Hell
Disaster strikes on a character's first day in a new job.
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Bob is entering his first day on the job at Tropeco Industries. He expects to spend the first few days getting his feet wet, learning what his responsibilities are, getting to know his co-workers.

And before he can really get settled in, all hell breaks loose. Criminals break in and take hostages. Massive equipment failures. Aliens invade. War breaks out. They run out of coffee and can't get more until tomorrow. Bob then either takes up responsibility for dealing with the crisis or the responsibility is already part of their job. No guarantees they're up to the challenge.

Distinct from It Never Gets Any Easier, in that this is clearly not part of the routine. Compare with New Job Episode. Contrast Retirony ("last day from hell").


Video Games
  • Half-Life Gordon Freeman's first day at in his new position at Black Mesa is the day The Combine invades.
  • Resident Evil 2: Leon Kennedy's first day with the Raccoon City PD is the day of another T-Virus outbreak.

Real Life
  • Ben Sliney's first day as the FAA's National Operation Manager (basically the Air Traffic Controller-in-chief) was September 11, 2001. It was his call to ground every civilian aircraft in America for four days (over 4,200). He played himself in the film, United 93.

Live Action TV
  • Gwen Cooper's first day at Torchwood starts with a meteor hitting Cardiff, moves on to Gwen accidentally releasing an alien being, and progresses to serial murder and alien possession. Because it's Torchwood, the job never really gets easier.
  • In Babylon 5, Delenn's first day as a full-member of the Minbari Grey Council was the day the Minbari encountered the Earth ship Prometheus. An encounter that resulted in the botched first contact-turned-battle that killed Delenn's mentor, Dukhat, and sparked the Earth/Minbari War.
  • Lynn McGill's first day as head of CTU Los Angeles involves his getting mugged by his junkie sister and her boyfriend and that mugging leading directly to a nerve gas attack on CTU headquarters.
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