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All Streetlighting Is Gaslights

All streetlights resemble Victorian period pieces.

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Streetlights are an essential part of any street but there are generally fixed ideas on what they are. In older dramas, expect there to be Retraux Victorian-style streetlights, which are stereotypical in British period dramas.

Streetlights usage as a plot device can take three forms:
  • Type 1 - The streetlight is not working. Sometimes a character will take it upon themselves to fix it, and it can be either Played for Laughs or
Played for Drama
  • Type 2 - The streetlight is being replaced, and people feel it doesn't suit the area's aesthetics.
  • Type 3 - There is no streetlighting at all, and when it is put up, stereotyped ideas are used.

This is Truth in Television, but despite that, no-one has put the lights out on this one yet, making it not quite a Discredited Trope.

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  • In My Hero, George Sunday runs for mayor in the infamous episode "The Mayor Of Northolt", just to fix a broken streetlight. However, the streetlight was not a traditional Victorian one, but a bright yellow one (the yellow 'swirling-light at night', a British thing that people mention referring to after nights out). However, once the light is fixed, everything returns to normal.

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