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Healing Vat
A big tank of fluid that heals people.
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In many science-fiction works people can recover from practically any injury after being immersed in a tank full of some kind of liquid Applied Phlebotinum that makes them heal with shocking speed.

Subtrope of both Auto Doc and People Jars. Related to Panacea and Healing Potion. May involve Nano Machines.

Anime and Manga
  • These are used in Dragon Ball by Frieza's minions.
  • These kind of devices appear on the Birdy the Mighty franchise (and considering that the titular protagonist is prone to get into fights as befits her Superhero status, she ends up using them rather often).

Comic Books
  • In the Batman mythos, Ras al'Ghul has a place called the Lazarus Pit that regenerates and rejuvenates him. (It also causes temporary insanity...)
  • The obscure Marvel Comics vigilante/ Spider-Man villain, Solo heals himself after getting wounded in battle by bathing in a weird tank of green fluid.

  • Star Wars has bacta tanks, using the universal regenerative fluid containing some sort of microbe. Most famously used with Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Such tanks are used in Starship Troopers to heal wounded soldiers, such as when Rico gets his thigh bitten through by a bug.
  • In Wanted they use vats filled with paraffin wax. It's said to "stimulate white bloodcells and speeds up the process". Wounds that normaly takes days to heal do so in hours.

  • In the Paradox series the Chatcaava use a sort of gel to recover from wounds sustained in duels. Alliance ambassador Lisinthir spends a few days in a tank full of it after one fight with the emperor (who had to have his digestive tract re-inserted and was back on his feet that evening.)
  • These show up in the Tour of the Merrimack novels
  • Used in Orson Scott Card's novel Hot Sleep (it's an inversion of the cold sleep trope, not a sexual reference) when the protagonist is being healed/reconstructed after "proving he's a survivor".

Tabletop Games
  • Eclipse Phase has healing vats, one of the first uses of nanotechnology. Given a few days they can regenerate limbs, and given a few weeks can grant a severed head a new body.

Video Games

  • Played with in Sluggy Freelance, a strip after Torg gets hit with a load of "sleep chaff" shows him in what looks like a bacta tank, then Riff states that it's actually a "bactine" tank and the only reason they can't hear him screaming is the breath mask.
  • When Spinnerette's powers are going critical she wakes up in one of these in Dr. Universe's lab, and smashes it open in a panic. Causing Universe to wonder about the practicality of such things.
  • Most cloning rigs in Schlock Mercenary are giant tanks of water with Nano Machines that rebuild the patient's missing parts, which tend to be everything but the head.
  • In the alien-related continuities of the Walkyverse, Martian resurrection technology consists of a tank in which a corpse is kept, which when plugged into the device causes it to regenerate fully and then return to life.
  • Ballerina Mafia shows Joel making frequent use of a Nanobot healing tube.
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