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No Trope Is Too Common
It's a fallacy to assume that being extremely common invalidates a trope.
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Part of the trope repair effort in this thread.

There is no such thing as any potential trope being too common to make an actual trope.

Plots, Characters, and Conflict are tropes, and literally no proper story can be told without them (whatever form they take). That means that, by necessity, they have 100% use on any work that tells a story. If those aren't too common, then no other trope can be too common.

This is why Seen It a Million Times doesn't mean we can't trope it, and never did. It only means it's really common. This also means that Truth in Television doesn't invalidate a trope (especially since it lists valid tropes on that page), because if there are reasons it's done in fiction (whether or not the reason applies in Real Life), then there are still reasons it's done in fiction.

Finally, People Sit on Chairs is not valid to use when a trope is common. It's about lack of purpose, not frequency. Something could be rare and still have no purpose.

Compare/Contrast Too Rare to Trope.
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