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Bio Epidemonologist

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The title is a nickname some doctor friends came up with after seeing a scary movie.

Some magicians use the vaguely scientific and academic Hermetic Magic, but since the setting is already fantastic, why not have professionals in other magical fields? A botanist who studies mandragora, a biologist cataloguing griffins, or an epidemonologist who studies outbreaks of infectious Demonic Possession to find a cure? Basically, this trope is about traditional academics studying fantasy subject matter as real because... well, where they live, it is real!

They tend to be The Smart Guy, possibly a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander or even Mad Scientist. They can be amiable enough deliverers of exposition, background, in need of rescuing from their subject of study, or the cause of some shenanigans (like the above epidemonologist letting loose an improved possession plague).

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