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Fandom can sometimes reach rather illogical levels. But let's face it, hating a thing can bring out the jerkass in someone as much as liking it, Especially on the internet.

Common Hate Dumb variants include:

Fan Haters: Those who simply will not be content to dislike a work, yet let other demographics like what appeals to them. How dare someone have such bad taste? That should be a capital offense! They simply aren't content to live and let live.
  • Author Haters: These people may not hate the fans, per se, but they certainly hate the author. While it's natural to be annoyed with someone who has brought a bad show into existence, these people take it to such a level that it seems to be a personal vendetta reaching You Killed My Father levels. In extreme cases, death threats may ensue.

Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch: Okay, so these haters have never seen the show in question, but they know they hate it...somehow. Don't ever try to get them to give it a chance, they refuse to watch one minute of it.

The Foe Yay Fan: This person hates the show. Hates every one of the 42 hours per week spent watching it. Hates every one of the 49 hours per week spent blogging about it. Hates that crappy merchandise they examine with a magnifying glass every time they see it in the store. This is the opposite extreme from Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch. This is a hater who seems to spend more time obsessing over the object of their hate than the fans do.

The Rival Fan:This hater loves a work. Just...not this one. They belong to some fandom with a long-standing rivalry with the work they don't like. They tend to insist that the object of their hate is a shoddy knockoff of their show, even when it's completely different, and that No True Fan of their show could ever like both their show and the show they hate. Tends to overlap with Fan Dumb.
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