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Big Guy Plays Bass
In a musical group, the largest member will play bass guitar
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Is This Tropable?? Is this even a thing?

Take your average Five-Man Band, there will be a Big Guy. If the Five Man Band turns into an actual band, the big guy will play the bass guitar.

Commpare Nobody Loves the Bassist and Dumb and Drummer.


  • K-On hands the role of the bass to Mio, who's by far the tallest member of the group. However, she's chronically shy.
  • In the Music Video for The B-52s cover of "The Flintsones Theme" for The Flintstones John Goodman as Fred plays bass.
  • Hulk Hogan plays bass guitar in various WWF Music Videos when he was active in The '80s.
  • According to this cartoon Chewbacca would be the bass player in a Star Wars band.
  • In Homestar Runner Strong Mad is occasionally seen playing bass for the band Cool Tapes. He's also the largest main character.
  • Gene Simmons of KISS
  • Unextraordinary Gentlemen's bass player, Professor Mangrove, towers over the other members of the band at seven feet tall (and that's before his stovepipe hat!).
  • Stefan Ofsdal of Placebo is 6 foot 4.
  • In real life, in Mariachi bands the guy playing the Guitarron mexicano (big acoustical bass) tends to be on the large side, reflecting the largeness of the instrument; although more often than not he's shorter than other players.
  • Purposely averted by The Beatles, first with Stu Sutcliff and then Paul McCartney: "In our minds, it was the fat guy in the group who nearly always played the bass and he stood at the back. None of us wanted that."
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