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Troper Types

A Just For Fun page on the different editing styles

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We've already got a list of Online Personas, but the wiki has been around long enough that you can recognise different editing styles. The types are very broad and obviously don't depict every individual's style and quirks. In fact, they're probably barely accurate for a lot of people. It's Just for Fun after all.

NOTE: A Type is based on what a troper does on the wiki, NOT their personality or attitude!

  • Troper Policeman:
    • Habitat: Omnipresent
    • Function: Making sure nobody kills one another. Mediates in disputes and/or puts their foot down to end them. May ban or discipline other types, and normally has an important, if not deciding, say in any discussions. Edits are fairly rare, and usually a result of discussion in the forums or the Trope Repair Shop. Seldom seen, rather rare, always nearby.
    • Favourite Tropes: The ones that don't cause flame wars.

  • Trope Creator:
    • Habitat: YKTTW and "Edit page"
    • Function: Writing tropes. Spends a lot of time debating in YKTTW before toddling off to put their discussions into action via the Launch button. Generally not detail oriented, more interested in new ideas - their spelling and grammar occasionaly suffer for this cavalier approach. May "babysit" their own tropes, keeping an eye on them via their Watchlist, chasing off trolls and occasionally doing cleanup (though not on the same scale as an Editor). If they're in the Repair Shop, they're normally rewriting, discussing or defending their "own" tropes with/from a Repairman.
    • Favourite tropes: Creator Tropes and their own "babies"

  • Trope Editor:
    • Habitat: "Edit Page"
    • Function: The cleanup crew. Despising typos and bad information, they swoop in to correct bad grammar and factual inaccuracies. A large part of what makes Wiki Magic work, the Editor is detail-orientated and can spot a mistake from a mile away. When you look through a page history, you might not even notice an Editor's changes -- but red text will vanish and spelling will appear to readjust itself.

  • The Rewriter. A Trope Editor Variant. Rewords a trope description entirely, usually because of poor writing, but occasionally simply to put it into their own words without going through the Repair Shop.

  • Trope Repairman:
    • Habitat: Trope Repair Shop and "Edit Page"
    • Function: They tidy up tropes, rename them and occasionally put the floundering ones out of their misery. Very detail-oriented and diligent, occasionally nitpicky, they do the legwork when a trope's name is changed, picking through the trope's Wicks to reflect the name change. Often involved elsewhere on the forum; they like discussion. Any tropes that they themselves create will normally spend a long time in YKTTW, to reduce the chance that their creations will end up in the repair shop. Favourite Tropes: Those that don't end up in the Trope Repair shop.

  • The Americanizer:
    • Habitat: "Edit Page" of tropes written by someone who uses British English
    • Function: Driven by a deep seated hatred of the letter "u", the firm belief that the goshdarned "s" is overrated, and a profound love for the letter "z", The Americanizer changes any British spelling to its American counterpart, regardless of the official etiquette of TV Tropes. They are detail oriented, but other tropers wonder who has that much time on their hands. Not So Different from their British Spelling counterpart, though they'd die before admitting it.
    • Favorite tropes: Xtreme Kool Letterz, We All Live in America

  • The Britishiser:
    • Habitat: "Edit Page" of tropes written by someone who uses American English
    • Function: Driven by their hatred of the letter "z", the belief that the letter "s" jolly well earned its place in the language, and a deep love for the letter "u", The Britishiser changes any American spelling to its British counterpart, regardless of the official etiquette of TV Tropes. They are detail oriented, but other tropers wonder who has that much time on their hands. Not So Different from their American Spelling counterpart, though they'd die before admitting it.
    • Favourite Tropes: British English, Useful Notes On (insert home country here)

  • Trope Browser:
    • Habitat: Everywhere, really, except "Edit Page"
    • Function: A writer is nothing without a reader, and this is the reader. They observe, stay out of arguments, peruse the Launch and New Edit list, and follow their favourite shows. Sometimes too shy to jump in feet-first, sometimes simply happy to access the database. They may have a Troper account; they may not. A freewheeling troper type, usually unnoticed by those writing on the Wiki...but the largest group of all.
    • Favourite Tropes: Any and all, especially new ones.

Any others?

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  • October 15, 2011
    • The Art Museum Curator
      • Habitat: Image Pickin threads, Image Links tab
      • Function: To find the best images for a given page. They despise unclear images and are the commanding officers in the Just A Face And A Caption front of the War on Bad Troping. Captions are also their territory; making them witty if possible and clear at all times is a top priority for them.
      • Favorite Tropes: Anything to do with imagery.
  • October 15, 2011
    • The Casual Example Adder
      • Habitat: Work and Trope Pages
      • Function: Adds tropes to work page and examples to trope pages. While they play an vital role in making Wiki Magic work, they generally doesn't read the YKTTW page and TRS forum. They sometimes doesn't bother to read the trope descriptions clearly to make sure that they are picking the best trope for their examples, which can be a headache for the Trope Repariman, the Trope Editor and the more detail oriented Trope Creator. However, more often then not, they pick the right tropes.
      • Favorite Tropes: Whatever sparks their interest.

    • The Entry Pimp has his own page.

    • The Sinkhole Pimp
      • Habitat: They're everywhere!
      • Function: Turns every other word into a Pot Hole or a Sink Hole. Rarely bothers to check if they are using the trope correctly. The mortal enemy of the Trope Repairman.
      • Favorite Tropes: Pot Hole Magnets and Stock Phrases.
  • October 15, 2011
    • The Advertiser
      • Habitat: Works pages, ideally obscurer ones and tropes of the sort found in the works they enjoy.
      • Function: A relative of the Entry Pimp, these are fans of one or more obscure shows (which they may happen to be a fan of or may actively seek out) who endeavour to spread Pot Holes to its page wherever they can. Many are also Trope Creators (first spotting tropes that appear in their favorite work) or Browsers/Casual Example Adders (adding entries for their favorite work whenever they realise the trope turns up). If said work doesn't have a page, they're likely to take it through YKTTW to get some help with it.
      • Favorite Tropes: Popular ones with few examples, where it's likely that their favorite work won't have an entry.

    • The Trope Truther
      • Habitat: Any sufficiently "realistic" trope.
      • Function: These guys love the Real Life examples section. If someone's invented something or done something that resembles a trope they'll make their case for declaring it Truth In Television. They may or may not miss Troper Tales.
      • Favorite Tropes: Any that seem plausible enough to actually happen.
  • October 15, 2011
    • The Eclectic Troper
      • Habitat: Migratory, and can appear anywhere
      • Function: Moving around the wiki searching for interesting nuggets of information and weird titles makes them a mixture of all sorts. They do a bit of repair, an occasional bit of pimping, example tweaking; can remain inactive for periods before their interest is sparked once more. May give a casual browse to the forums and YKTTW to see if anything momentous is happening, but generally ignores the troper-politics that happens there. Their wanderings across the tropesphere, however, has given them a good working knowledge of most tropes, and they rarely get confused as to which is which, their primary interest is the trope description itself after all.
      • Favourite Tropes: None. The "random" button is their best friend.
  • October 15, 2011
    Performed some Example Indentation work on the OP.
  • October 15, 2011
    I'm definitely an Advertiser. (I started the YKTTW for Binary Objects after failing to find an appropriate trope for the Chips Challenge toggle walls) Speaking of advertising, should there be a special category for The Advertisement Server? He seems like a fun guy, although he keeps pestering me about my credit rating...

    There might also be a type for someone whose edits mostly revolve around providing example suggestions in YKTTW. I'm addicted to it. It's threatening my homework. Uh, help? :{
  • October 15, 2011
    ^ How about
    • The Midwife
      • Habitat: YKTTW
      • Function: Scrolling and refreshing the YKTTW, looking for interesting examples of possible new tropes, helping to clean up, avoid confusion, add new examples, and provide better names.
      • Favorite Tropes: The newest, most interestingest ones. Lives to say, "Wait, we seriously don't have this already?"
  • October 15, 2011
  • October 16, 2011
    Although I'm really not keen on putting people in categories, I feel I have to bring up:

    • The Saboteur (No, I'm not going to mention the other, more obvious, name we could use here!)
      • Habitat: YKTTW
      • Function: Popping up in comments and informing the Trope Creator that their fledgling page is extremely similar to an existing trope that it, in actual fact, bears no resemblance to whatsoever. Not to be confused with people who know what they are talking about! Known by their trademark cry "We already have this!". Sometimes willing to spend days or even weeks arguing about it, often long after the trope has actually been launched.
      • Favourite Tropes: Only those that are already in existence and well established

  • October 16, 2011
    • The Trope-Fu Master
      • Habitat: Lost And Found
      • Function: Scouring the site like a ninja to answer the plaintive cry of "Do we have a trope where..?"
      • Favorite Tropes: The ones with the cleverest, least intuitive names.
  • October 16, 2011
    • The Nit-Natterer
      • Habitat: Anywhere
      • Function: He loves to argue, he lives to argue. He will not correct an entry, he'll put in a sub-entry beginning with, "Actually,..." or "Only if..."
      • Favorite Tropes: Poorly defined or poorly named ones.
  • October 16, 2011
    • The Breaking News Editor
      • Habitat: Trope pages for active works.
      • Function: To be the first to update the page after a plot twist, the appearance of a new trope, and similar -- frequently within minutes of its appearance.
      • Favorite Tropes: Any which have achieved Troper Critical Mass (Girl Genius, Doctor Who, etc.)
  • October 16, 2011
    • Activist Troper, or Troper with an Agenda
      • Habitat: Any trope with any potential to get political
      • Function: This troper is strongly eager to promote a cause. Whether it's Christianity, feminism, or ensuring free ice cream for all, this troper will promote it in his or her editing if it is relevant to do so, and sometimes won't even reserve it for these occasions.

    I am definitely The Trope Truther. I am all over the Real Life sections of tropes, especially High Octane Nightmare Fuel and Fridge Horror, but that's just me. I came up with the above example through this experience: I added the Duggar family example on the aforementioned real life section for Fridge Horror because I genuinely find it horrifying that the Duggars have 10 sons, meaning that it's most likely that at least one of them will turn out to be non-heterosexual, and yet because of their support for organizations that are anti-gay as well as their fundamentalist Christianity, they would probably be hostile toward whichever child(ren) turn(s) out to be non-heterosexual and then someone removed it. I don't know for sure, but I think the person who removed it may be an Activist Troper who is a devout Christian or just homophobic. I don't know for sure, but this is what I think. Even if it's not so, I think there are definitely tropers like this. I admit that I fit into this archetype myself, but I take care to follow the Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgement and not let myself get too carried away on an Troper Filibuster
  • October 16, 2011
    • The Aspiring Writer
      • Habitat: Real-ish section of the Forum
      • Function: To plug their original stories and fanfiction whenever possible and assign tropes to their works.
      • Favorite Tropes: Any that they find turning up in their stories.
  • October 17, 2011
    There seem to be three main branches of wiki editors: helpful, not so helpful, and neutral impact. Using categories like these will help keep the page clean.

    • The Furry

    • Wiki Feng Shui Master
      • Habitat: Main wiki, sometimes strays into Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki
      • Function: Moves images into auspicious (right aligned) position, adds folders, and generally attempts to improve the visual flow of a page.
      • Favorite Tropes: Well-organized tropes with nicely broken up descriptions and right-aligned images.
  • October 17, 2011
    • The Namespacer
      • Habitat: Anywhere but the Main/
      • Function: These guys like adding alternative name space entries to existing trope pages. They're very useful at moving subjective tropes to the YMMV tab and similar maintenance, but also enjoy adding their favorite moments to the crowning moment tabs. There's also some overlap with other troper types, since they'll probably maintain and contribute to the larger namespaces (like Playing With Wiki or Haiku Wiki) in the same way or make sure Headscratchers and Wild Mass Guessing pages don't get too out of hand.
      • Favorite Tropes: Metatropes (all the better for use in the Playing With Wiki), Crowner tropes. Any trope without a Playing With Wiki entry.
  • October 17, 2011
    • Anime Uber Alles
      • Habitat: Anywhere, everywhere, but especially the TRS and Image Picking forums.
      • Function: Making sure Anime has a dominant presence on the wiki by blocking any effort to remove opaque, confusing, Japanese-language trope titles that have been pasted onto articles about tropes that did not originate with anime. Writing new trope pages so they are anime-specific, despite being about universal concepts. Insisting that the anime example is the first, best, and greatest example of a trope, despite the trope being thousands of years old. Making sure that the majority of page images come from Anime sources. And last of all, utterly denying that they are Fan Myopic when such behavior is pointed out.
      • Favorite Tropes: The -Deres and any other Trope that predates Anime, yet has an Anime-derived name.
  • October 17, 2011
  • October 17, 2011

    Not sure if we want to list these more negative types.

    • Wiki Vandal
      • Habitat: "Edit Page" and YKTTW.
      • Function: removes useful content without clear reason, sometimes replacing it with nonsense.
      • Favourite Tropes: anything and everything.
      • Natural Enemy: Troper Policeman. They rarely survive long, but more always appear.

    • Troll
      • Habitat: "Edit Page" and forums.
      • Function: posts questionable content inciting a Flame War.
      • Favourite Tropes: anything and everything.
      • Favorite Prey: the Single Issue Wonk.
      • Natural Enemy: Troper Policeman. They rarely survive long, but more always appear.

    • Single Issue Wonk (superspecies of The Americanizer, The Britishiser, The Advertiser, The Furry, and others)
      • Habitat: omnipresent.
      • Function: removing or adding material to support their favorte issue.
      • Favourite Tropes: anything to do with their issue.
      • Natural Enemy: Trolls, other Single Issue Wonks with opposing issues.

    Not sure if we want to list these more specific types.

    • The Splitter
      • Habitat: "Edit Page", Trope Repair Shop, and YKTTW.
      • Function: finds subtropes to split away from a more general concept.
      • Favourite Tropes: the most specific of subtropes.
      • Natural Enemy: The Lumper.

    • The Lumper
      • Habitat: "Edit Page", Trope Repair Shop, and YKTTW.
      • Function: finds related ideas to combine into a central theme.
      • Favourite Tropes: the broadest of supertropes.
      • Natural Enemy: The Splitter.

    • The Index Maker (subspecies of Trope Creator)
      • Habitat: "Edit Page" and YKTTW.
      • Function: finds related tropes to place into a new index.
      • Favourite Tropes: index pages and supertropes.

    • The Indexed Trope Adder (subspecies of Trope Editor)
      • Habitat: "Edit Page".
      • Function: adds new tropes to existing indexes (indeces?)
      • Favourite Tropes: index pages.
  • October 17, 2011
    The Troper Hero
  • October 17, 2011
    Maybe "Spoilsport" "Rain on the Parade" is a better name for the Saboteur - that sounds more like a Wiki Vandal. The type described is more of a killjoy with a grudge against fledgling tropes.

    Straw poll here - do we include the obviously negative types (bearing in mind that the page will NOT mention specific tropers)? Do we include the potential conflicts (Lumpers and Splitters, Repairmen and Sinkhole Pimps, Saboteurs and Midwives/Trope Creators)? And would it be better to phrase the page in terms of a fake wildlife documentary (see the YKTTW!) as we've started to do here, to make it clear that this is just for fun.

    (PS, to Fast Eddie -- some lines have gone missing from the OP. Were they mistakes or executive decisions?)
  • October 17, 2011
    I'm somewhat hesitant to include the negative types, just because they have the distinct possibility to attract negativity/flaming/bashing. And I think the page would still be fun without them. (After all, how many people are going to class themselves as one of the negative ones?)
  • October 17, 2011
    I'd rather leave out the negatives. Or, at least make them more neutral.
  • October 17, 2011
    This discussion reminds me of some things. First off, some updates to my proposed Troper Type:
    • Activist Troper, or Troper with an Agenda
      • Habitat: Any trope with any potential to get political
      • Function: This troper is strongly eager to promote a cause. Whether it's Christianity, feminism, or ensuring free ice cream for all, this troper will promote it in their editing if it is relevant to do so, and sometimes won't even reserve it for these occasions. It can be positive if they keep their head and be respectful of other people's views, but the Activist Troper may have a negative impact if they start removing anything they don't agree with or go on a Troper Filibuster right in the middle of a trope page.
      • Favorite Tropes: Whatever tropes and works have anything to do with whatever issue they happen to support.
      • Natural Enemy: Other Activist Tropers with opposing views
    This is an obvious subtrope of the Single Issue Wonk. I personally agree with the idea of wording it as a wildlife documentary and being careful to not mention specific tropers. If this is going to be worded like a wildlife documentary, narrating the potential conflicts in that fashion would definitely augment its appeal in that respect.
  • October 17, 2011
    @Fanti Sci: I say keep in the negatives, but put them in their own folder. Why? Because some people tend towards these more annoying behaviors and aren't aware it's not good. Anyone who classes themselves as one of these will want to stop and reexamine themselves.

    As long as you state "This is about edit styles not specific tropers. No listing specific tropers or saying This Troper, please" it should be fine. It's not focusing on anyone in general, just behavior types. With no focus on anyone in specific there's no reason to flame.
  • October 17, 2011
  • October 18, 2011
    Keep the negtives. Tropes Are Not Bad, remember? And not keeping the negatives is morally equivalent to saying that they don't exist.
  • October 18, 2011
    I wonder if we should substitute "Yankee" for "Americanizer" (and something appropriately epithetic for Britishizer)
  • October 18, 2011
    The Yankee and the Limey, eh wot?
  • October 18, 2011
    Keep the negative ones - looking at this list has made me realise I can be a bit of a Saboteur. It's nice to have my faults pointed out indirectly.
  • October 19, 2011
    ^^ I never heard/read of the Limey. Probably something less obscure.
  • October 19, 2011
    "Britishiser" and "Americanizer" are a bit more neutral though (you never know who might find certain stereotypes offensive) -- and demonstrate their troping styles. Besides which, you can't really call anyone who uses British English a "Brit" - for starters, they're not all British, and secondly the term "Brit" tends to be taken as "English" (rather than the other four countries), and they're certainly not the only ones guilty of being a Britishiser. "Yankee" sounds more like a troper who disagrees with any trope which shows the USA in a bad light. Actually, with that said...

    • The Patriot
      • Habitat: Tropes connected to their country of origin, as well as Values Dissonance
      • Purpose: Defending their territory. Patriots are often found pottering around in the Useful Notes section, ensuring that the information on their particular country stays up to date. Sensible versions gently correct stereotypes and conduct discussions on the forums; less sensible types charge into the middle of any trope that mildly criticises their country with flaming torch and pitchfork at the ready. Neither is fond of sweeping genralisations about their country of birth, but the former takes a more tolerant view and is therefore more productive. The latter natters incessantly, and can quickly descend into true Single Issue Wonk, if not outright Troll.
      • Natural Enemy: Er...each other. Sensible Patriots don't think their more...zealous counterparts are doing anyone any favours. Said zealous counterparts think that the calmer version is a sellout and lacks commitment.
      • Favourite Tropes: Ones connected to issues of nationality. The calmer type even likes those that are less than complimentary about their country (for example, Eagleland, British Stuffiness, Germanic Depressives) since they can get a giggle out of the stereotype. Expect them to put a disclaimer at the bottom of the trope though, if said trope doesn't make it clear that this is not the case in reality.

    And, on an unrelated note:

    • The Cutlister
      • Habitat Cutlist, vulnerable tropes with a low number of wicks.
      • Purpose: Euthanisation. Unlike the Repairman, who prefers to fix tropes, the Cutlister lives to destroy them. This is not just any troper who realises a trope is useless (those are generally Repairmen) -- the Cutlister seems to take a certain amount of joy in consigning tropes to the scrapheap, even totally legitimate ones. Vigilant Trope Creators and Repairmen can generally put an end to any trope-murder-sprees, but often just ending up suggested for the Cut List makes any trope an endangered species. The Cutlister is usually also a Single Issue Wonk, and targets tropes that hit their Berserk Button. If unchecked, they can direct the culture of TV tropes, since they believe that by repeating "This Type Of Trope Is Bad!" long enough, people will start to agree. Thankfully, Cutlisters are rare, and easily spotted by Troper Police.
      • Favourite Tropes: Hard to tell.
      • Natural Enemy: Trope Creators. Creators and Cutlisters represent the alpha and omega of tropes, respectively.
  • October 19, 2011
    On the other hand, "Yankee" is a historical case of Insult Backfire.
  • October 19, 2011
    @Tambov333: Limey has been in use for "British Person" since the 1880s.
  • October 19, 2011
    I'm pretty sure Limey is a slur.
  • October 19, 2011
    I think we should avoid the negative types, if only because people will invariably start lumping their personal peeves with them. It's better if we aim to represent a somewhat equal measure of good and bad, รก la personality quizzes