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Iconic Game Song
A song or theme that's the most iconic of a game
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Some video games are known because they're good. Some because they're awful. Some are not known at all. That doesn't matter here. The Iconic Game Song is the song of any game, the song that any gamer (and even non-gamers) identifies instantly. Quite often this is going to be the main theme though it can be the end boss theme.

This shouldn't be confused with the best song as that, usually is very subjective but the one theme of a game that if you hear it anywhere, it will inmediately remind you of it. Still, quite often the former & latter will be the same.

Once someone who knows/plays/loves a game listens to it, expect it to provoke some sort of reaction, ranging from tears to memories or even a desperately urge to play it.

Similar to Epic Riff which is this but for Real Life artist.


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