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Attempted Destruction Actually Delivery

Destroying or hiding it ensures delivery

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Someone (Party A) has been told to destroy, hide, or do something so that somebody(ies) (Party B) doesn't get the MacGuffin in question. Or decides to do the destroying, hiding, etc. him/herself. So that person does exactly that, only to find out that in doing so, they have ensured that it falls directly into the hands of him/her who it was decided shouldn't get it.

May be related to MacGuffin Delivery Service, Revealing Cover-Up.

Subtrope of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.

Examples include:

  • Mary Poppins : Mr. Banks tears up the advertisement for a Nanny written up by Jane and Michael Banks. Mary Poppins gets the advertisement and applies for the job.

  • The Miser neighbor of Joseph the Sabbath-Lover is a classic example of Party A. Joseph the Sabbath-Lover would be the Party B.

Western Animation
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog : Emily Elizabeth gets convinced that her favorite Pop star won't come to Birdwell island, so she tells Clifford to get rid of the letter she wrote. Mr. Bleakman is the Pop Star's uncle, and he is blasted by dirt by Clifford digging a hole in Emily Elizabeth's yard...

Video Games Fallout New Vegas: Benny steals the platinum chip and nearly kills the Courier to ensure that Mr. House doesn't get it. The Courier's subsequent Roaring Rampage Of Revenge often leads to the chip being delivered directly into Mr. House's hands
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