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Artificial Script
When a work includes a fictional alphabet.
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Found mainly in fantasy settings, this trope is about fictional scripts invented by the author. Sometimes, they are used as a fancy substitute for the letters in the work's original language, at other times, they come along with an entire Constructed Language/Fictionary.

An aspect of World Building. Super Trope to Cypher Language. Compare Wing Dinglish.


Anime and Manga

Film - Animated
  • A parallel alphabet exists in Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire. In fact, Milo Thatch deduces that no further evidence of Atlantis has ever been found because one glyph was mistaken for an "R", leading searchers to Ireland in vain. The glyph is rightly a "C", because Viking raiders routinely made port in Iceland, near the dormant fumarole which is the access point to Atlantis.note 

Film - Live-Action


Live-Action TV
  • The Klingons in Star Trek have their own language as well as a writing system.
  • Circular Gallifreyan is the writing of Time Lords in Doctor Who.
  • Babylon 5. The Minbari language is used a number of times throughout the show. In one case they have a small joke; Vir is sent to be ambassador on Minbar and shows up later wearing a ceremonial welcoming robe which says on the front in Minbari writing "Aloha."

Theme Parks

Video Games

Web Comics
  • For the various comics set in Overside, Evan Dahm created a number of different scripts and alphabets for the different societies. Some of them are just scribbles, but others are fully functional writing systems, such as Seen Script (from Rice Boy), Machine Script (mainly used in Order of Tales), and Sahta Script (from Vattu).
  • In Paranatural, several ghosts and spirits speak in a script that's actually a modified Latin alphabet. Each letter is a rough trace of the negative space in the corresponding Latin letter, then the whole sentence is rotated 90 degrees.

Western Animation
  • Futurama has an alien script which the writers threw in to amuse and bewilder their audience, but the script was solved fairly quickly. So the made up another whole alien script.

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