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Death By Drowning

A character dies by drowning

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How did we miss this one?

Particularly often used for having a childhood friend suddenly die. Truth in Television as it is one of the more common ways for a young child to die, Look Both Ways being the other. A common form of Death By New Bery Medal. Often happens off screen with just a shoe or sandal shown floating in the water.

Can also occur for adults, villains, and other characters. Question though, should the "childhood friend drowns" be it's own separate trope?

Needs a better description.

Up for Grabs

As this is a Death Trope, all Spoilers will be unmarked. Beware.


Anime and Manga

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  • April 24, 2011
    The "childhood friend" thing has trope potential, as does the shoe floating in the water, but just "drowning" is... well, I don't want to say People Sit On Chairs, because that sounds terribly callous, but it's not a trope so much as a thing that happens in real life and also sometimes in fiction. It's only a trope if there's some commonality between the fictional instances.
  • April 24, 2011
  • April 24, 2011
    Childhood Death By Drowning?

    I mean, I've seen it over and over, and over again.

    Also, while it is true that as a death trope spoilers will be unmarked in the final trope- we need to spoilerize examples while it's still in YKTTW.
  • April 25, 2011
    Our Handling Spoilers page says "Spoiler tagging the name of the work is worse than useless. If you do that, there's a special hell waiting for you."
  • April 25, 2011
    You don't have to spoilerize the ENTIRE example. Just the name of who dies. :) Otherwise, how are other tropers supposed to know which examples are already on the list?

    • Black Lagoon has some criminal drown in a pool after having his hands chopped off with a katana.
  • April 25, 2011
    As bluepenguin said, death by drowning is People Sit On Chairs. There has to be some sort of meaning attached to death by drowing to make this a trope.