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Down The Rabbit Hole
Tumbling through to Worlds Fantastic
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The original Down the Rabbit Hole is being split-off and renamed Girls Underground. This new Down the Rabbit Hole possibly Needs a Redirect. Do We Have This One?? I don't believe we do. Needs a Better Description, or at least something more substantial. Needs More Examples. Up for Grabs.

Whether by way of rabbit hole, looking glass, tornado, wardrobe, well, or even red pill, some protagonists find themselves tunneled to elsewhere, someplace strange and unusual to those who stumble through. Whatever might lurk on the other side, this is where "normality" is left behind. These passages act like wormholes from the mundane to the fantastic, and occasionally back again. However, these wormholes are different, enough that they are rarely referred to or used as such within the works employing them.

May result in being Trapped in Another World. Compare Up the Real Rabbit Hole.


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