Created By: totofan4ever on August 11, 2017

It's Good, Thank God!

When something could end up really good or really bad, but against all odds it turns out decent!

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Have you ever seen an announcement that your favorite book is being turned into a movie? Or a TV show is being turned into a Broadway Musical? You follow its production and you worry with each choice. They pick a comedian to play a serious role. The anime adaption of your favorite video game will only have four episodes. They make Watson a woman.

You wait with belated breath as the premiere date counts down... it finally comes...and....

Oh thank God, It's Good!

The fandom collectively breathes a sigh of relief. Because against all odds, the adaptation is decent and you can finally rest.

This is more of a sub trope to And the Fandom Rejoiced because while that trope is about the specific fan service that the majority of fans like, this trope is the collective relief that a specific adaptation is decent overall. And the Fandom Rejoiced can still be included with the things people enjoyed in the adaptation, but this trope is separate because it evokes the relief a fandom feels when an adaptation turned out decent.
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