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A game designed to make you cry that still has a happy ending.
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Nakige is a Japanese portmanteau for "crying game", applied to VisualNovels. Usually, these games consist of a lighthearted half to start with, followed by a romantic middle, then introduce drama designed to make you cry in the second half, and eventually reach a happy ending (generally ending up with a girl of your choice). Quite a few have been adapted into Anime series or movies.

Nakige are often populated by Bishoujo-style characters and aimed squarely at a Seinen audience. Being VisualNovels, they often contain quite a bit of the erotic content that comes with the territory. Especially successful games, however, are often released with their explicit content cut; some games, such as CLANNAD, never had any to begin with.

While there were predecessors, the genre's breakout hit was Kanon, by Key/Visual Arts.


  • Many of KEY's works are nakige:
  • Symphonic Rain, a musically-themed novel with a built-in Rhythm Game.
  • Katawa Shoujo, a known for being one of the few novels respected by the vn community originally written in English. Somewhat controversial, as every love interest (and the main character) is disabled, and for having an Intentionally Awkward Title.
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