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Weird Mafia
A Mafia or Mafia-like organization made up of an unusual group.

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So you have your Urban Fantasy, or your Planet Eris, or something else. Your story needs some kind of Mafia-like organization. You could easily make a normal human Mafia, but that would be boring! What you need is something that fits the overall weirdness of the setting. A Weird Mafia.

Basically, this is a Mafia that is made up of a group one doesn't usually encounter in real life, especially in a nice suit. They may put their victims in Cement Shoes, and then throw them out the airlock, or they may literally make you An Offer You Can't Refuse. Penguins, ninjas, robots, leprechauns, anything goes.

Compare Generic Ethnic Crime Gang, which covers all the Real Life human variations of this.

Sister Trope to Weird Trade Union.


  • Dr. Dolittle II has a woodland mammals mafia led by a beaver. They insist they've never heard of any mafia but they act out the stereotype.

  • In the Discworld novels, the Breccia is a Mafia-style organization of troll gangsters. Their prominent members are known as tons.
  • Myth Adventures has a multi-dimensional mob led by a fairy godfather and including a number of trolls, Pervects, and ordinary Klahds.

Newspaper Comics
  • Get Fuzzy: In one brief story arc, Bucky mentions to Rob about getting himself into trouble with the "Chipmunk Mafia", which one can only assume was a mob made up of tough-talkin' chipmunks.
  • The Far Side gives us the Sandwich Mafia, who send traitors to "sleep with the fourth-graders".

Tabletop Games

Video Games

  • Rusty and Co. has one with illithid members.
  • Sam and Fuzzy had the Ninja Mafia. However, they broke off into various mercenary groups when their emperor and ruling counsel were slain.

Western Animation
  • In American Dad! there's the Handicapped Mafia. They own a strip club where all the strippers are also handicapped.
  • In Futurama, there is a robot mafia. It only has three members.
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