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Hexagons are edgier
Reimplement a game, with hexagons!
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A game is fun and may even be a classic. How could it be improved? One way is to update and revolutionize the mechanics in a sequel. Another way is to make a version of the game that, instead of using the more common square grid, uses a different kind of grid. Hexagon grids are popular variations, but there can also be triangle grids.

It is very common to find puzzle games spin offs that are based on this idea. If the usage of hexagons does nothing else than increase the number of choices and thus the search space in the puzzle, it may degenerate into Fake Difficulty. It is possible, however, to make new games that are genuinely interesting variations and use this idea. Game Spin-offs and sequels that do this have had varying degrees of success.

Some games go the extra mile with offering a chance to choose the kind of grid to use.

Examples Video games
  • Hexion, a Konami-made version of Tetris with hexagonal shapes.
  • Hexoban - The hexagonal version of Sokoban.
  • Hexamine and other minesweeper clones that use a hexagonal grid.
  • Civilization 5, of course.
  • Inverted with Bejeweled Twist, which is similar to an older game, Hexic but uses squares instead of hexagons.
  • Speaking of Pop Cap, this interview with Pop Cap talks about how they think that hexagons turn people off from a game.
  • The Match-3 game "The Lost Inca Prophecy" can be played in either square grid, hexgrid, or randomly selected grid.
  • The Mario Party 2 minigame "Hexagon Heat" is a remake of the Mario Party 1 game "Mushroom Mix-Up" with hexagon tiles instead of mushrooms.

Board games


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