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Reciprocal Rejection

I was a nobody and you turned me down. Now I'm big, and I'll return the favor

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I'm certain we have this one, but I can't find it. Person A is someone of low popularity/social status, often a geek/nerd, who has a crush on Person B, a popular, high-status, conventionally attractive but shallow individual (often The Libby). Person A expresses interest, and is shot down by person B, often cruelly.

The story progresses, and Person A manages against all expectation to achieve some kind of notoriety/status/popularity, only for person B to step back into the picture, suddenly very affectionate and eager to be with Person A. Person A considers this...and turns them down flat, often using the same language that was used against them. Person A will frequently instead pair up with a Hollywood Nerd friend who turns out to have been Beatiful All Along.

Seen it 10 billion times, though I can come up with some examples if we really don't have it.
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