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Hilariously Backfiring Invasion
Invading aliens usually get a run for their money when their invasion plan backfires. Hilarity ensues.
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OH NO! (Insert Name Here) are invading! But wait... why aren't they... invading? Yep, in this trope the someone tries to invade, but fails epiclly with varying results.

This trope has many types:

  • The main charecter (a.k.a. the invader) becomes a loveable good guy. Sometimes they might try feebly to invade but they will fail.
  • An alien's power is greatly weakened. They will usually go into hiding or slowly revert to the above.
  • An occasional side story where a dumbass gets the idea to invade somewhere only to be stopped (usually very easily) by the protaganist.
  • The brutal invaders come into the place of invasion only to find the villagers welcome them with open arms.
  • ...or the villigers are actually evil and want to kill/rob/eat them.


  • A Ray Bradbury story had invading aliens expecting a fight on Earth, only to be welcomed with open arms. Most of them die by getting drunk and getting run over by cars.
  • Ankh-Morpork from Discworld recieves barbarian invaders with open arms, sell them stuff, turn them into bankrupt drunks, and before they know it they've been integrated into the economy as yet another destitute minority. As for barbarians from other civilized countries, they're usually so incredibly indebted to the city that Ankh-Morpork usually owns their military supplied.
  • The Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horror" special parodying "The Monkeys Paw" had aliens armed with clubs and slingshots invade Earth after Lisa wished for world peace. Homer gives Ned Flanders the paw, whereupon the latter wishes to get rid of the aliens. Cue the aliens fleeing a board-with-nail-wielding Moe.
    Alien: Run! He's got a board with a nail in it!
  • One of the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy books featured a story of two alien races sitting down to tense negotiations when suddenly a stray, universe-warping comment of Arthur's reaches them and just happens to be an unforgivable slur in their tongue. They join forces and in establish that Earth was responsible for the insult, launch their apocalyptic invasion, and attack. Unfortunately for them, they didn't notice the difference in scale and their entire invasion force is accidentally swallowed by a small dog.
  • Cthulhu Saves the World has great Cthulhu rise from the sea and come to destroy the world... only to get his powers taken away from him immediately by a mysterious mage. Unfortunately the narrator gives away how Cthulhu can get his powers back and off Cthulhu goes to become a true hero of the world... then destroy it.
  • Invader Zim is built around this trope. First of all, Zim only thinks he's the first wave of an invasion, when in reality he was sent to Earth to get him out of everyone's hair. Second, his technology, while advanced by Earth standards, is second rate and glitchy, including a spastic malfunctioning robot. And thirdly, Zim himself is an obvlibious egomaniac who's not as competent as he thinks he is. The only reason he hasn't been defeated by Earth's forces yet is because nearly everyone else is so stupid.
  • The Worldwar alt-history series features a version of this. When "The Race" invades at the beginning of WW2, they actually have vastly underestimated mankind's technology (having last checked up on us in prehistory). While technically more advanced than us, their technology is only marginally so, meaning mankind is able to more than hold its own.
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