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Betty Blue Shoe
When a woman's shoe falls off, or is removed against her will
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Women tend to wear shoe that come off very easily. High heels, flats, mules and slippers tend to be low cut and often have no laces or straps. In addition they are usually worn with slippery stockings that provide no resistance to their removal. Because of this, women's shoes have a tendency to come off against her will. This can happen with other types shoes, for example sneakers and boots (look up Debooting). This trope is often used as Fetish Fuel, or an excuse for Foot Focus, or as a means to illustrate a damsel's vulnerable situation. Either way, the connotations are different from the male equivalent which is usually done only for comic effect. This trope applies only to single shoe loss.

This trope is most frequently used while a Damsel in Distress is in a in a distressful situation, but often it's used to serve as a funny, but adorable accident. The Cute Clumsy Girl often loses her shoe as she's running, or after a fall. Because it's considered cute and sexy to some, some girls may use this trope to their advantage, and may only pretend to accidentally drop their shoe as a method of seduction. But still, the implication that it may have happened against her will needs to be there. This may also happen to a Action Girl when her Combat Stilleto comes off.

If she is a Damsel in Distress, her shoe may fall off in the struggle, or while she's trying to run away, or perhaps she's forced into Giving Them the Strip, or maybe she'll drop a shoe on purpose so that her Prince Charming can find her. In the rare cases where physics is on her side and she manages to keep her shoes on, the villain may take the liberty removing her shoe himself (or herself). This often serves as a prelude to Tickle Torture or, as is often the case when a superheroine is Debooted, as a means of disarming her Armed Legs. She could have ended up ended in a Sticky Situation and may be forced to leave her shoe behind. Examples include having her shoe stuck in something sticky, needing to use her shoe as a tool (for example keeping a door open), or needing to remove them in order to escape from being Bound and Gagged.

This trope is named after the poem of Little Betty Blue who famously loses her holiday shoe .



  • In a Bacardi Commercial there is a rife of women kicking their shoes up into the air.
  • In a Fiat Stilo Multiwagon commercial, a man driving his car with his wife and his mother-in law who's asleep see's a red high heel shoe. He thinks it belongs to his mistress and throws it out before his wife can notice. His mother in law wakes up noticing she's missing a shoe.
  • Nivea commercial a woman uses her shoe to delay and elevator.
  • There is a Cinderella themed Hanes commercial guess what happens.
  • A woman gets her red high heel pump stuck in a copying machine in a Imagistics commercial.
  • In a Biskrem biscuit commercial a woman trades her shoe for the biscuit.
    • Same thing happens in a dorito commercial.

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • In Azumanga Daioh Osaka becomes a victim to this when she kick her loafer to predict the weather.
  • In Nichijou there is an homage to the scene from Azumanga Daioh with Yukiko.
  • Maburaho: Episode 21 mimics Cinderella with Kuriko losing her shoe on the steps
  • Read or Die: The TV: Practically every episode focuses on someone's feet. I only got about halfway through the series (its only 26 episodes), but I saw 3 losses, once by Anita, and twice by Maggie.
  • The Cat Returns: This one happens within the first 2 minutes! the main character is running and she stumbles and loses her shoe. Nice shot and great animation.
  • Street Fighter Alpha: Sakura kicks her shoe off (like in the video games) and leaves it behind to go search for Ryu.
  • Street Fighter II V: Chun-Li loses a shoe after being strangled unconcsious by M. Bison.
  • 12Kingdoms: Queen Shushou dangles and loses one of her shoes and sends one of her servants to fetch it.
  • Kimi ni Todoke: Sawako loses her shoe when she kicks a soccer ball.
  • {{Durarara!!}}: Kamichika jumps off the roof of a building, but is caught by Celty, losing her boot in the process.
  • Vision of Escaflowne: Hitome's shoe lace breacks and she loses it one the steps before being captured. Spends the rest of th eipsode in one shoe.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler!: Risa loses her shoe after being dragged into a video game. Also, Yukiji loses a boot after a bear attack.
  • In Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Linna breaks one of her heels after chasing a motorcyclist and then throws it. She goes to her new job with only one shoe.
  • Trish Una's boot is destroyed by the stand Notorious B.I.G. in Jojo'sBizarreAdventure Part 5.
  • Carly chases for Jack, trips and loses one sneaker in {{Yugioh 5 D's}}.
  • Yai loses her shoe in episode 20 of Megaman Nt Warriors and does not get another shoe for the next episodes.
  • Sailor Moon: Serena loses her shoe and it falls on Dereks head.
  • Yumeiro Pâtissière: The main character loses her shoe while running up the spiral tower.
  • ]]Claymore}}: Clare's shoe is destryed, with her fighting in one shoe the rest of the fight.
  • Kuragehime: Girl loses her shoe after running.
  • Mawaru-Penguindrum: A girl steps on an invisible penguin and loses her shoe, which is stuck to the penguins head.
  • In Digimon Mimi gets her shoe stepped on by Joey and loses it.
  • Detective Conan Kirs gets her shoe stepped on too. This also happens in the manga.
  • Angus'Lost Lady: Short manga about a man who finds a girl who lost her memory and her shoe.
  • Aria The Animation: Aika loses a shoe while trying to get up from a bridge.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Chisame's shoe is dissolved by a tentacled monster.
  • Diebuster: The main heroine loses her high heeled shoe in the first episode and goes on without it.
  • In episode 4 of Demon King Daimao Mitsuko Tori throws her high heel shoe at Hiroshi. There is a close up one her shoe less stocking foot.
  • In a crazy scene from Kare Kano a girl kicks her shoe and hit another student.
  • In the anime version of The Wizard of Oz Dorothy loses one of her ruby slippers.
  • Irresponsible Captain Tylor: Hiromi loses her high heeled shoe wile jumping Tylor to assassinate him.
  • Project A-ko: A-ko loses her shoe after finding out she has to eat C-ko's cooking.
  • Betterman- This show has 2 losses in its run, both involving the attractive scientist. In one her purple pump falls off when the ladder of the helcopter she climbing out of jerks as she tries to climb down to a boat. You don't see a lot (you see her shoe hit the deck, and then she falls off and lands on the young male lead (but if you run her fall in slo-mo you can see both her feets. Much later, near the end of the series (episode 22-24), I think there is a scene where the same character is climbing a set of mysterious stares after the sub she was piloting crashed, and as she climbs you can see that one of her boots is missing (to make it even odder, there is an empty pair of shoes or boots on each step of the stairs.) The first episode may also show a shoe loss by the young female lead, but it's hard to say. The episdoe begins with a picture of the two lying unconscious (after the events of the previos episode) being assisted by medical staff. It kind of looks like the girl is missing one of her loafers, but it's a far distance, brief shot and hard to tell.
  • Gate Keepers 21- In one of the episodes, a spirit girl (from the previos series) is blasted off the roof of an apartment bulding by an evil spirit, the blast that blows her off, (and ultimately kills her, also blasts off one of her loafers, and you get an extended one shoe scene as she falls down all those stories)
  • Inuyasha- Episodes 166-167 (the final two of the original series) have a scene where Kagome while holding one of her shoes complains that they are already worn out (there is then a scene of her putting said shoe back on) much later in the episode Kagome is grabbed from behind by a jewel possesed individual, and the same shoe falls off as she is pulled back at the very end, both her shoes are dissolved/ruined in demonic stomach acid and the final credits show her mom buying her a new pair (which are mentioned in the post credits). one of the very early episodes also has Kagome removing her shoes and socks before diving into a river to rescue a child. There is also a VERY funny fan picutre making the rounds of Kagome discovering that Inuyasha has stolen her shoe and in true dog fashion is chewing on ot (actually there are two of them, but one does not show Kagome below the shoulder).
  • Gunsmith Cats- The manga of this had a story plot where Minne used one of her "shoe bombs" (she packs the soles of her sneakers with C4) and is running around in one shoe for several pages until she uses the other one as well. The anime had a scene in one episode where Rally pulled off her shoes becuse the heel broke while she was trying to fight a Russian hit woman.
  • Hana Yori Dango (Boys over flowers) Episode 42 features a scene where the lead throws her shoe at a boy for making what she deems an inappropriate comment. She they stamps off without it. And earlier episode (10 maybe? it began with a picture of a puppet show) had the main character losing her shoe while fleeing from a group of girls who were attacking her
  • Linebarrerls Of Iron - Episode 10 (the Christmas one) A really funny one. Midway through the episode you see the three main characters (all dressed in Santa hats red dresses and red thigh high boots and the middle one is only wearing one boot. In the next cutaway scene, you see why; for some reason she has hung her other boot and stocking on the Christmas tree!
  • Nana - Episode 11 One of the characters has one of her slide sandals fall offas she is running up some stairs
  • True Tears -episode 12 In a flashback a girl (wearing a yukata, slips one of her sandals off in an effort to get a boy to stop walking away from her)
  • Blood+ Episode 29 = After the male lead walks out of a meeting, one of the female characters follows him downstairs and throws her shoe at him to make him come back
  • Fairy Musketeer episode 23 A rather complicated take on Cinderella. The chracter discover a glass boot in the throat of a fish, when one character tires it on it causes her to dance until she dances right across the ocean. after some events, the bad guys cause the boot to demeterialize, leaving her in one shoe. However one of the other character remembered to bring the shoe she took off with them so she gets it back.
  • Wagya No Onarisama - Episode 18 (I think) a girl with puppets on her hands loses one of her boots while fighting a monster
  • Nagarasete Ariatou - Episode 23 Female lead get her boot removed and receives a tickle torture.
  • Xam'dLostMemories -episode 9 A girl loses one of her school shoes while running to make it to a hospital.
  • [[Toradora}}, episode 23 Ami's shoe is stolen.
  • Clannad After Story- Episode 23 A girl loses one of her loafers when a boy tackle hugs her from behind.
  • Strawberry Marshmallow Three here near the end of episode 5 one of the girls cannot find her shoe in the shoe room. Episode 6 has one of the girls losing her sandal as she trips. and in episode 10 around the 6:00 mark, one of the girls takes her sneaker off and drops it in order to determine which way to go.
  • All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku-Nuku - Episode 5 I think (It's written episode-OV, and I have no idea how episodes in this show are numbered) One of a pair of assasin ends up in one pink high heel (as a result of being blown up) for about the last 5 minutes of the episode (as they spend this whole time trying to chase Nuku, it's a miralce we don't have a tripping scene).
  • Rosario+Vampire Episode 10: A really odd one. In the middle of a battle with a giant monster plant, in which one of the characters (whose powers include the ability to turn her nails into long slashing claws, gets trapped. She then has one of the other characters use thier magic wand to knock her shoe off, so she can extend her toenails into claws to slash herself free
  • Gunslinger Girl
    • Episode 8, "Il Principe del Rego Della Pasta" (The Prince of the Kingdom of Pasta)
    • In a flashback, a little girl loses one of her sneakers after she is hit by a car
  • The World God Onl Knows: Ayumi loses her shoe after tripping over a hurdle.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Matsuribiyashi: Girl loses her shoe after running away from an orphanage patroller.
  • Occult Academy: The tsundere main character loses her shoe after constantly kicking her student in the butt.
  • Seitokai Yokuindomo: Suzu kicks her shoe off into Guy's face.
  • Ookami And Her Seven Companions: In a hilariuos twist on Cinderella, a girl loses her shoe after somersaulting and kicking a guy in the face.
  • Unbalance × Unbalance: Hae-Young loses a heel (and a heel) after getting hit by a car.
  • Kallen form Code Geass r2 episode 1 loses her high heel shoe while getting in an elevator.
  • Devil May Cry: The Animated Series: At the begining of an episode a girls trips over stairs and loses her glasses and a shoe.
  • Denbo is seen wearing only one boot in Bobo-bo-bo-bobobo during her boot.
  • Shoe loss happens often in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
  • In Domina no Do! a little girl loses her shoe on the first page.
  • In Gatchaman episode 74 the main focus of the episode is on Jun's lost shoe. There is one foot focus scene at the beginning when she loses her shoe. This is a good example of the Combat Stilleto trope being deconstructed.


[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • Lois Lane lost one shoe in Superman #182. Superman returns it to her like Prince Charming. It has actually happened to her couple more times.
  • Black Canary's boot heel breaks forcing her to remove it and fight in only one for most of the issue.


  • Disney's most famous example is obviously Jane from Tarzan when she had her boot removed by an ape early in the film.
  • There's also the lesser known example of this trope in Disney's adaptation of Cinderella.

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