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Shop Class
A class that teaches kids Industrial Arts.
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Shop Class is shown in some High School themed works, sometimes even Jr. High works as being a class where students are taught Industrial Arts. It is mostly called "Shop" in American themed works. As is explained in the linked article; a lot of the emphasis on the class is towards the basis of home repairs, a useful skill, as well as to open up the possibility of it as a career.

The most common form is "Wood Shop", wherein students are taught how to cut wood and use power tools such as drills and saws. Other forms of Shop Class are Metal shop, wherein students work with metal, or Auto Shop where students work with cars. These may be shown in fiction, but in real life, metal and auto shop is not as common due to expense of supplies. Metal&Auto shop may be seen more in vocational schools.

This is sometimes a compulsory course, but it is mostly populated by males who might actually take an interest in it. Whenever female characters are shown taking shop, it's either because it's required or they're a tomboy, and this is sometimes shown as being a tomboyish trait.

Sometimes, Shop class may bring down a brainy student's ego because it requires a completely different set of skills than math, science, and English. Stereotypical nerds are not always shown at being good with their hands. Naturally; the Jerk Jock or the Dumb Muscle often excels in this subject. Expect a couple mistakes, although mistakes in Shop Class tend to cross into Dude, Not Funny! territory moreso than mistakes in Chemistry or Home Economics.

The teacher is almost Always Male, and may even be a Sadist Teacher. Combine this with the proximity to power tools and...well it's going to unnerve a couple characters.

This is Truth in Television; but it's not often a required course anymore.


  • In Beavis And Butthead, Beavis cuts his finger off in shop class.
  • In Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann is forced to take Shop class, and fears it because she's afraid of the Sadist Teacher. She then proceeds to form a petition to get it dropped as a required course, only to realize after she succeeded that she liked it, and the teacher was just very stern and not a sadist. She persuades him to return to the school and fix it after it's replaced.
  • In King of the Hill, Hank teaches Shop for awhile. He also tries to (unsuccessfully) sign Bobby up for Auto Shop.
  • Shop is one of the classes in Bully, although you only work on bicycles. When Jimmy enters, the teacher tells him that "Cars are for seniors".
  • In Adventures of Pete and Pete, Pete is placed into Shop Class.
  • 100DeedsForEddieMcDowd shows this as being Eddie's only good subject after the episode revolved around the main character's dad almost becoming the new shop teacher and being extra hard on his son despite that he was very competent.
  • In {{Daria]}, one of the legends of the mall was of a metal shop teacher with a short temper who was driven crazy by his students. After he ground his teeth down to nothing due to frustration, he made a set of steel dentures that picked up radio signals.
  • Truth in Television; although it was often dropped from some schools due to budget cuts, or more focus shifted towards academic classes and college prep. Some schools may actually do have Shop offered but it is not compulsory for graduation.
    • Not to mention, Industrial arts institutes and other such vocational schools exist specifically to teach these.
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