Ear Scream (crowner up)
Speaking too loud when you're close to someone else
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A gag when your volume is way higher than necessary considering the distance between the speaker and the other person/people. Could be so loud it literally blows them away.

Variations include the other person motioning for the speaker's ear, then the speaker screams like a banshee right into it. Another is also using a loudspeaker when it's not needed as said above.

Compare I Can't Hear You. Contrast Acoustic License. Constantly happens to someone with No Indoor Voice. This weaponized is Make Me Wanna Shout. Also see Loudness War.


Anime and Manga
  • Happens early in Outlaw Star Episode 5, during the first meeting between Gene and Aisha.
  • In Yaiba, at one point this gag is weaponized against the Spider Man (who's afraid of loud noise). As they're about to be captured by him (wearing earplugs) and his minions, Musashi starts whispering a funny joke to Yaiba, and then to the others. Curious, the Spider Man insist on hearing that joke too, so Yaiba tells him to get closer, remove his earplug... and then he and his companion shatter something like five pillars of plates right next to him, deafening him.

  • Seen in The Emperors New Groove, done to Pacha by Kuzco:
    Kuzco: I got a little secret for you. Come here. No, closer.
    [Pacha comes closer] Kuzco: I DON'T MAKE DEALS WITH PEASANTS!

  • Doc Sidhe. Gaby, a Technopath, is trapped inside a video computer screen by the Big Bad. She has a conversation with him, progressively speaking more and more softly. When he leans in to the screen to hear what she is saying she screams, shattering the screen and blinding him.

Live-Action TV
  • On Criminal Minds, Reid got back at Morgan for pranking him by recording the sound of himself screaming, then sending it to Morgan's phone and slipping it into his iPod's playlist.

Western Animation
  • In A Wild Hare, Bugs Bunny does this to Elmer Fudd.
    Now uh, don't go spreadin' this around but uh...confidentially...I AM THE WABBIT!
  • One in Daria when Jane and Trent were attending a family reunion.
    Grandma Lane: Janey?
    Jane: Yes, Grandma?
    Grandma Lane: Come closer.
    Jane: [Moves in closer] Yes, Grandma?
    Grandma Lane: Closer...
    Jane: [Moves in closer] Yes, Grandma?
    Grandma Lane: Closer...
    Jane: [Moves in closer] Yes, Grandma?
    Grandma Lane: [Shouting] WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
  • From The Ren & Stimpy Show pilot "Big House Blues":
    Stimpy:What's the big sleep, Ren?
  • On one episode of Animaniacs, Yakko plays director to a Jerry Lewis-like actor and at one point shouts at him through a megaphone at close range.Megaphone verson:
  • The Simpsons. When Bart blockades himself in Springfield Elementary along with Principal Skinner & Mrs. Krabappel, Homer grabs the bullhorn from Superintendant Chalmers (who was trying to talk to Skinner).
    Homer: Bart, this is your father. Do you know where the remote is? I looked all over the house.
    Bart: Did you check your pocket?
    (Homer checks and find that the remote was in his back pocket)
    Homer: (through the bullhorn to Marge) It was... (lowers bullhorn) it was in my pocket.

Web Original

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