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I've seen this one a million times before, and it comes in two flavors.

1. A character is trapped in an enclosed area, and has some desperate need (it could be escaping, or hunger, or thirst, etc.). And the enclosed area is absolutely FULL of precious stones (or gold). Even a small handful could make you a millionaire. Unfortunately, this does nothing to solve their problem. In the end, they escape, but are forced in the process to relinquish all the stones. Aesop: Wealth is unimportant.

2. The characters are visiting some fantastic location, and are being given the nickel tour. One of the stops is an enormous storage room, with plentiful riches (like in flavor 1). The inhabitants of the location, out of either ignorance or nirvana, have no use for the stones. This will frequently result in one of the greedier characters stuffing their pockets with loot (although they rarely get to keep it).


  • In The Phantom Tollbooth, the mathemagician has a flavor 2 room, with the Humbug doing the pocket-stuffing.

  • In the spongebob Atlantis special, Atlantis has a room like this, with Mister Krabs (obviously) pocket-stuffing.

  • I believe there was a Star Trek episode with flavor 1.

  • In Daniel Pinkwater's "The Worms of Kukumlima" the protagonists are trapped in a flavor 1 valley.

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