Only Women Can Get Jealous
Yet another Double Standard

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This probably Needs a Better Title.

I've seen this many times, and here's the basic premise:

Bob notices that Alice's co-worker, Charlie, is trying a little too hard to gain her affections, despite the fact that Alice is happily involved with Bob. (Sometimes Charlie doesn't know about her relationship, so it's understandable).

When Bob mentions Charlie's actions, he'll just be dismissed by Alice as "being silly; Charlie's just a friend." (Or some similar comment).

Meanwhile, Dana, a co-worker of Bob's, merely says "Hello" to Bob, and Alice goes completely into Lewis Black on crack mode. How dare another woman get within 5 feet of her man? And nobody will say anything about it.

So, in short, only women are allowed to fly off the handle with jealousy. Men are just overreacting. Do We Have This One??
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