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Risque Cure

Sometimes, the only antidote is a strip show.

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So, a minor character is inflicted with a Lethal Diagnosis. Usually, it's hypothermia, or some other disease that can only be cured by raising the heat or blood pressure. The doctors try every cure they have, but nothing works. As a last resort, the heroine saves their life by showing them her assets.

Since this is most often used in television, it often comes with a Sexy Discretion Shot.

Consistency: Way more common in fiction, since all hospitals would consider it unethical. If it ever has happened in Real Life, I've never heard of it.

Type of trope: Sex Trope

Genre: Comedy

Life cycle status: Dead Unicorn Trope


  • In Scrubs, Elliot cures a 13-year-old boy's blood loss by flashing him.

  • In Mythbusters, Kari attemps to make goats faint by flashing the goods. She only succeeds in making Tory faint, because he was unprepared when it happened.
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