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Normal urban planning would suggest that the typical growth pattern of a city would be outwards along a horizontal axis. Some cities however decide to eschew this approach and spread out on a vertical axis.

The reasons for this can vary a bit. Sometimes the city did spread out along the ground and still ran out of room, so buildings had to be built on top of buildings. Other times the city was built on top of an existing geographical structure like a mountain. Some just flat out invoke Rule of Cool and have the city be built in the form of a giant tower.

It is easy to determine social standing in a rising city via vertical Urban Segregation. The higher up one lives the more likely they are to be well off. Conversely the lower one lives the greater the likelihood that their home will range from slum to monster infest hell hole.


  • The city of Basel in Resonance of Fate is built into a giant air purification tower.
  • Tiphares in Battle Angel Alita first appears as a city floating in the sky above the scrapyard. it is actually connect by a tower to a space station in orbit.
  • Coruscant in Star Wars is an example of them just running out of room. After covering the whole planet in city the only place left to build was on top of other buildings.
  • Gotham city in Batman Beyond to invoke a cyberpunk future asthetic.
  • The Tales Series loves this trope and a city such as this will appear frequently throughout the games. It will frequently be the capital of some country and have Urban Segregation via hieght.
    • The capital of Tethe'Alla (it's name escapes me)
    • Zaphias, the imperial capital from Tales of Vesperia. It seems to be the case of them building on top of a mountain. Also note Heliord Rising City and Tarquaron(which also doubles as a Floating Continent
    • Baticul from Tales of the Abyss. It was built over a crater left from a fonstone(read meteor) impact. Cable cars and elevators are commonly used to get around the city.

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