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Pirates Versus Ninjas
For some reason, pirates and ninjas are perennial enemies.
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The eternal battle continues.

Perhaps the most obvious subtrope of Cool Versus Awesome (because as that trope says, pirates are cool, and so are ninjas, so pirates fighting ninjas must be awesome!). Compare also Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.

Pirates' most hated enemies usually seem to be ninjas, and vice-versa, even though in real life Caribbean pirates and Japanese ninjas didn't even live in the same time period, much less the same hemisphere. Apparently its just for the Rule of Cool.

An Ascended Meme which started out on Real Ultimate Power as a parody movie script and soon took on a life of its own, now appearing in vastly varying media.



Anime and Manga
  • An episode of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger has all three core members of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger turn up, demanding their powers back. The episode is actually called Pirates vs Ninjas.
  • In the Samurai Champloo episode "Bogus Booty", Mugen (who isn't a stereotypical pirate but has done some 'pirating') squares off against some ninjas.

Fan Work


Live-Action TV
  • Deadliest Warrior averted and defied this trope. While the aim was to solve rivalries like this, they didn't do this one, though both pirate and ninja were featured (Pirate vs Knight and Ninja vs Spartan).

Video Games
  • Saints Row 2 has a minigame where you're a Cop on a reality TV show, and you have to stop randomly generated crimes. One of them is to "Stop the Fight of the Century," which when you arrive at the checkpoint, you find out is a gang of pirates fighting a gang of ninjas.
    "Attention all cars, this is dispatch, we have Pirates vs Ninjas, repeat, Pirates vs Ninjas."
  • On one quest in World of Warcraft ("Our Mortal Enemies") where you've infiltrated a pirate band, the pirates send you on a mission to attack their mortal enemies... ninjas!
  • A Google search reveals multiple Flash games on the theme.
  • There is a game for Nintendo Wii called "Pirates Vs Ninjas Dodgeball".
  • Atari's 1989 game Skull & Crossbones is the Ur-Example; it allowed the players to play as pirates fighting against ninjas.

Web Animation
  • This trope is a major plot point of How to Kill a Mockingbird, where Boo Radley's pirate crew has to battle armies of ninjas in order to uncover the secret to killing the mockingbird.

Web Comics

Web Original

Web Video

Western Animation
  • One episode of the animated TV series Ninjago has the ninjas fight undead pirates.

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