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Compromise Guy

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A popular trope (particularly in film) referring to a man romantically involved with the female protagonist initially, but who is thrown over so she can hook up with her soulmate. The man is frequently flawed by being too effete, sickly, or just lacking in passion. The compromise guy usually stands aside cheerfully, without complaint, once the woman dumps him for her true love. Examples in film include Bill Pullman's character in Sleepless in Seattle (sickly, with allergies, dumped by Meg Ryan for Tom Hanks). Patrick Dempsey's character in Sweet Home Alabama (too easygoing, urban, lacking in passion), is dumped by Reese Witherspoon for her authentic, real man in Alabama, and he cheerfully lets her go when she dumps him at the altar. Daniel Day-Lewis' character in A Room with a View (upper-class twit, sickly, doesn't play sports) is dumped by Helena Bonham-Carter for Julian Sands (passionate, mysterious, hot-headed).
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