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Solemn Ending Theme
A solemn piece of music accompanying the credits
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Formerly Solemn Credits Song.

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A slow-paced, emotional, solemn song played during the credits. Common especially in anime and video games.

In most cases pensive, retrospective or sad. Often so melodramatic that it falls into Narm territory.

Very often in Japanese.

Since except in some cases the soundtrack usually supports the temper of the ending, this is often a sign of a bittersweet or Downer Ending, except in anime, where the opening theme is usually more exciting in order to build excitement for the coming show while the closing theme is more somber to provide a resting period or moment of reflection between shows.

Preferably provide links to the song (Youtube or otherwise) when adding examples. Take care, linked credits videos might obviously contain ending spoilers; to prevent this, it would be optimal to link the song without the credits video or mark credits videos as such.




Live-Action TV

Professional Wrestling
  • When Mick Foley first appeared as "Mankind" in the WWF, he had two themes, an entrance theme and a different, more solemn exit theme that played when he won a match.

Video Games
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