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The final fight is always near the doomsday weapon.
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The battle is set. The hero, after traveling around the world, going though almost endless hurdles, is about to stop the Big Bad from using some sort of machine, including any sort of thing capable of massive amounts of murder, or mind control, or anything that would do massive damage to large populaces. So where do they settle their differences? Within very close proximity to said machine.

This trope is all about that last fight scene in a film, and how they seem to end up very close to some sort of large, deadly machine.


  • Iron Man: Tony and Obadiah have their fight very close to the arc reactor his father made.
  • Mystery Men: Casanova Frankenstein and Mr. Furious do this near the Psycho-Freakulator
  • Thor: Thor and Loki do this in the Bifrost
  • The end of Beneath The Planet Of The Apes, the big battle at the foot of the Doomsday weapon.
  • Star Wars A New Hope and Return Of The Jedi each have the climactic battle in/at/near the Death Star.
  • Goldfinger. The final fight between James Bond and The Dragon Oddjob occurs in the Fort Knox gold depository where a nuclear device is about to detonate.
Video Games:
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped: Crash and Cortex have a final boss battle in the Time-Twisting Machine
  • The endgame of Half Life 2 has the player shut down the Citadel's core reactor before The Quisling Final Boss can escape. This is as close to a Final Boss as the game has.
  • In Goldeneye Wii, the final fight is a Quick Time Event that takes place directly under the massive satellite dish controlling the Goldeneye satellite.

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