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Meaningful Tattoo

A tattoo with some deeper meaning.

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Tattoos always have a story behind them, even if that story is just "I was bored and decided to get dermally scarred for fun."

Tattoos are used to mark out delinquent and dangerous characters, as well as to give them a backstory hook.

Do We Have This One?? We don't seem to have any decent tattoo tropes.



  • In Schlock Mercenary, Tagon has a bowl of oatmeal tattooed on his shoulder from his time in the Oatmeal Peacekeepers. They're a Badass Army who take pride in being able to feed you your heart with a spoon if you make fun of their tattoo.
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    This TRS supports the creation of this trope, though with a different/broader definition.
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    I created that trope and it is basically the supertrope to a dozen smaller ideas. Specifically I started with the "Thug with a Neck Tattoo" idea and it spilled over into "Military Tattoos" and "Tramp Stamp" and the list kept on going. I realize now it was far too broad to really catch on but fleshing out the individual concepts into their own tropes would be a good thing.
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