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Trip over the dog

A character does something horrible but doesn\'t know it\'s horrible.

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A character does somethin horrible, but he has no way of knowing that what he does is horrible. He might even think it's great and the logical thing to do. The audience or/and the protagonists still hate him for it nevertheless.

Let's say, Bob collects action figures. He doesn't unwrap them, because they would become worthless if he did. He also doesn't know that the action figures are secretly alive and miserable.

This is common in animated movies centered on animate inanimate objects or sentient animals.


  • Toy Story: Yes, Sid doesn't treat his toys well, but how should he know that they are alive?

  • The Princess and the Frog: You are supposed to hate the hunters because they are trying to kill the protagonists. But on the other hand the protagonists look like frogs. The hunters can't know that they are humans.

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