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Genre Mashup

Fusion of multiple disparate genres into a work. (TRS of Genre Busting)

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Lousy Data Vampires ate my first attempt.

Identified as part of a Trope Repair Shop discussion on misuse of Genre-Busting (courtesy link).

Example mining from Genre-Busting would be much appreciated and if you're doing that, feel free to add it straight into the draft rather than posting in the comments. (Post a comment on what work(s) you added, though.)

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By nature humans are both imitative and creative, so work creators naturally draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Sometimes the result is hard to categorize and describe, however, so they may try listing it as a string of genres melded together, or invent a new genre to stick it in. But in any case, the result should be a near-seamless fusion of major elements of multiple genres.

Done poorly, it's just confusing, but Tropes Are Not Bad and melding seemingly disparate genres frequently produces a result greater than the sum of its parts.

Games seem to be particularly prone to this, partly because the definition of the word "genre" is twofold in that medium: games have both a setting genre and a gameplay genre. One entire subgenre, the Action RPG, owes its existence to the combination of more actiony gameplay with the story and character generation elements of the classic CRPG.

Frequently describable with X Meets Y. Contrast Genre Roulette, which is where the work jumps between multiple genres rather than blending them, and Genre-Busting, where the work doesn't fit into any recognizable genre at all. See also Fusion Fic, which is a fanfic that does this to a particular set of works rather than entire genres.

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    Live-Action TV 
  • In-Universe, in one episode of Supernatural Sam & Dean go to a medieval fantasy-themed LARP faire dressed as FBI agents, and get mistaken for genre-mashing LARPers.
    Gerry: Um, guys, we're not doing the whole genre-mash-up thing this weekend. We only do that every third month.
    Dean: The...
    Sam: Come again?
    Gerry: Your fake badges, the cheap suits. It's very cool. I get it. Your characters are FBI agents that somehow traveled to Moondoor, but I'm telling you it's just straight-up Moondoor this weekend.
    Sam: These aren't fake badges.
    Gerry: Uh, yeah, they are, and they're... [he takes Sam's badge] very good, but, um, well, the I.D. number shifted to 10 digits with, uh, two letters mixed in at the end of the year, and, uh, the seal's from last month. Really good work. [He hands Sam's badge back.] It's just, it's a tournament weekend, okay guys, so you got to follow the rules. If there's no rules — chaos.

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