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In Star Trek, there is no Star Trek on TV

Stories set in the modern era omit the stories set in their universe

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Many television shows, books, magazines, and websites in the modern world (and, presumably, the future) cover a wide number of franchises, topics and series. This is especially true in fiction, particularly in the future.


In a television show, movie, book, or videogame set in the modern era (or, sometimes, the future), there is the odd tendency for that show/etc. to omit the very same show that's set in the modern era. For instance, in "Modern Family," anyone can watch a show like "Doctor Who" or "The Middle," (as a supposition) but never an episode of "Modern Family." There aren't any "CSI" shows on CSI. Nobody has ever read any of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps books in any of those same books. Et cetera.

The most notable example of this is during the Star Trek: Voyager episode Future's End (Part I), where the Voyager crew monitors 1996 Earth television signals (it's a long story), and ends up viewing, among other things, a large number of soap operas...but never once seeing any mention of even the Original Series Star Trek.
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