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Gender Loyal Phlebotinum
A character's weapon/power is only effective against one gender
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Brave Alice is a lucky knight -- the goddess Istur has given her an enchanted sword to defend the cause of the oppressed. Specifically, women.

However, there's a catch. The enchanted sword will only work against men. If she tries to use it against a woman, all the magic will run out, leaving brave Alice stranded. And wouldn't you know it, the enemy has gotten Dangerously Genre Savvy and recruited the all-female Order of the Rose to stop Alice...

This trope also applies to weapons which can be used by one gender but not the other. It doesn't necessarily have to be female-preference discrimination, but it often is.

Related to Women's Mysteries

  • In By the Sword, the magic weapon Need cannot be used against a woman.
  • In The Defenders, the Valkyrie Brunhilde is unable to attack women, claiming it will rob her of her strength.
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