Last Wish Marriage
Character gets married because he/she knows death is near.
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Marriage is a big decision, and one that normally shouldn't be entered into lightly, because it will affect you for the rest of your life. However, long term planning goes out the window when Your Days Are Numbered. Many people want to get married at some point (or experience sex, and their morals demand marriage), and when you're terminally ill or headed off into a battle where your odds of survival are slim, it's now or never. A result of this is that the people in question may have never even considered marrying each other under any other circumstances, but instead are just two terminally ill patients who don't want to die alone or an otherwise platonic friend volunteering to marry the patient because he/she is not long for this world. Alternatively, the two could be High School Sweethearts who are still in high school. Very much Truth in Television.

Subtrope of Altar the Speed.
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