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Any other objections to the name? Launches Monday otherwise.

Behind every powerful man (or woman, occasionally), there is a secretary, assistant, or aide to keep his schedule and organize the paperwork. This character is usually calm and meticulous, is likely to wear a crisply pressed suit, and may have hot little glasses. In other words, they're a perfect excuse to throw in a little Fanservice. Because Most Writers Are Male, this tends to take the form of the Sexy Secretary, but sometimes (especially in works that lean towards a female audience), it'll be a yummy guy: the Right-Hand Hottie. If the boss is also a hot guy, there's opportunity for Ho Yay via Subordinate Excuse, for additional Mr. Fanservice-ing fanservice value.

Spear Counterpart of the Sexy Secretary.


  • Descendants of Darkness: Grouchy old man Chief Konoe has hot secretary Seiichiro Tatsumi (seen above).
  • 100% Perfect Girl: Prince Jarte (himself no slouch in the looks department) has two: His secretary and head of intelligence, who is very pretty, has little glasses and butt-length hair, and the head of the secret service, who is pretty and pouts a lot.
  • Sai, secretary to the Millenium Prime Minister, complete with long pretty hair and a massive case of unrequited love.
  • More yaoi than you can shake a large, suggestively-shaped stick at, as it's a standard plot.

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