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Human Snowman
A character gets covered with snow in the shape of a snowman.
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While snowman-making is one of the funnest activities of winter, it can also happen if an unfortunate person gets caught up in the snowball used for making the snowman.

Expect this to show up in Comedy.

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  • In a commercial for Campbell's Soup a snowman comes in from the cold and has a bowl of hot soup. He melts, showing that he's actually a kid who got caught out in a blizzard.

Comic Books
  • The X-Men's Iceman originally manifested his ice powers on his body in a snowy way (rather than an icy way), making him look like an live snowman. He also threw snowballs at his enemies.

  • Happens to LeFou in Beauty and the Beast while waiting for Maurice to come back. When he and Belle arrive, he even has coal eyes, carrot nose and branches for arms.

  • Done by Death in Hogfather to catch the Auditors by surprise, though he wasn't strictly human to begin with.

Newspaper Comics

Video Games
  • The Seiken Densetsu franchise has a frozen status that looks like this.
  • In Metal Slug, one of the hazards posed by the ice levels is being turned into a snowman, which makes you unable to move for some time.
  • The ice spell in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest briefly makes its target (which may or may not be human) look like a snowman.
  • In Kirby's Dream Land 3, the intro cutscene for level 5, Iceberg, has Gooey accidentally trapped in one of the snowballs that Kirby and friends are using to build a snowman. Gooey's eyes and tongue poke through the snow and startle the rest of the group.

Western Animation
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:
    • The episode "The Wishing Bear" had Pooh getting covered with a bunch of snow, which leads to him posing as a snowman that Piglet was trying to build.
    • Another episode has Piglet running away and getting covered in snow. He crawls out from underneath, leaving a Piglet-shaped snowman that the others mistake for the actual Piglet and take inside. They become concerned when the snow Piglet melts into a puddle.
  • Classic Disney Shorts:
    • Happens to Donald Duck and his nephews in "Donald's Snow Fight". The nephews get covered in snow until they look like bowling pins, which Donald knocks down with a snow bowling ball. Donald gets not only snow but icicles dropped on him, making him look like a rhinoceros in a cage.
    • In "Pluto's Christmas Tree", Pluto runs through a snowbank, and the snow he displaces is in the exact shape of himself, but with a longer body.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • One Pepe Le Pew cartoon has Pepe fall in the show and emerge as a snowskunk, saying that he was the Abominable Snowman.
    • "Odor of the Day" stars a skunk similar to Pepe, who makes his entrance covered in snow.
    • Played with in "Snow Time for Comedy", when a dog falls down a hill and becomes a Human Snowball, which then takes the form of a giant dog.
    • At the beginning of the cartoon "Weasel While You Work", Foghorn Leghorn rolls the sleeping Barnyard Dawg up into a snowman.
  • In the Tex Avery short "The Shooting of Dan McGoo", Wolfie enters a saloon as a living snowman. He then unzips the snow covering like it was a coat.

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