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Any character who wears dreadlocks will be a formidible physical fighter.
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Dreadlock Rasta meets Braids of Barbarism -- a character whose hairstyle preference is dreadlocks, cornrows, or a mane of many braids, will coincidentally be an ass-kicking fighter. If you've got a Five-Man Band and one of them sports this hairstyle, that's bound to be the toughest one. Applies even to aliens who possibly don't have actual hair, but have something looking like dreadlocks sprouting from their skull. Yeah, you know who I'm talkin' 'bout.

A previously kempt character may signify that he Took a Level in Badass by showing up with locks so arrayed. Conversely, a character whose Important Haircut is the shearing if such a hairstyle has probably renounced violence.

Contrast Bald of Awesome.


  • Korikakkumon from Digimon Frontier, with the arrowheads on the tips of his dreadlocks serving as the main source of his Frozen Arrowheads attack.
  • Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist is the Elric Brother's teacher of both alchemy and the martial arts. In fact, she is one of, if not "THE" only person that they are afraid of.
  • Kaname Tosen of Bleach is not only dreadlocked, but he is also blind. He was a respected Shinigami captain before turning to work for Aizen.
  • Killer Bee from Naruto.

Comic Books
  • In the Alien Versus Predator comic books, the only survivor of the colony caught between the battle of the rival species is Machiko Noguchi -- who joins the Predators in the end as an alien-hunter, as signified by her adopting tight braids and hanging dreadlocks.
  • Static of Static Shock.
  • The Punisher: Maginty from Kitchen Irish. A Scary Black Man who comes closest to killing Frank (with a machete).

  • The alien hunters in the Predator movies.
  • This is at least the intention of the psyclos in Battlefield Earth.
  • Alien Ressurection: One of the mercenaries has warrior-dreads and is strong enough to carry his colleague/fellow victim whilst fighting off the main villain.
  • Lord of the Rings films: The Uruk-Hai have the matted-with-the-blood-of-my-enemies kind of dreadlocks, and are more than a little menacing.
  • The Twins from The Matrix had dreadlocks and were pretty good at fighting.


Live-Action Television


  • Bob Marley: Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta: / There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America, / Stolen from Africa, brought to America, / Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival.

Real Life

  • According to the The Other Wiki, these were common on warriors of the Maori, the African Maasai and Oromo tribes, and even ancient Irish warriors.
  • Numerous NBA and NFL players.
  • The Curly Horse, a breed of horse with curly hair whose mane naturally becomes dreadlocked.... and who are known for their stamina and toughness.

Video Games
  • Gabriel Tosh in Starcraft II is a Spectre, an elite type of Ghost, who are themselves elite assassins.
  • Numerous Troll players in World of Warcraft.
  • Ulysses in Fallout: New Vegas sports dreadlocks, and is one of the few characters who can rival The Courier in badassery. If you choose to fight him at the end of the Lonesome Road DLC, he's got 1000 health, (more than Lanius, the Final Boss in the main game), max skill in all weapon skills, and maxed special stats.
    • The White Legs tribe from the Honest Hearts DLC also wear these. They adopted them to honor Ulysses, who (while realizing that they meant to honor him) took it as an insult, as they'd adopted it without understanding their meaning (his Berserk Button). They're basically an entire tribe of Sociopathic Soldiers.
  • Mortal Kombat's cyborgs, Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke and Cyber Sub-Zero. In the reboot, it is revealed that only Cyrax had dreads while he was human.
  • Tekken's first capoerista, Eddy Gordo.
  • Knuckles in the Sonic the Hedgehog series wears his hair in dreadlocks, and he is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the series.
  • Sten from Dragon Age: Origins wears his dreadlocks additionally bound into a sort of ponytail at the back of his head.

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