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Mutilation Demonstration
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He's not Emo; he's just immortal.

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Immortality isn't exactly a superpower you can easily prove to the skeptic. Sure, you can say that you're Really 700 Years Old, but whose to say that they'll believe you? And, while you may have that Healing Factor, you need to be injured for that to work. It's not like you can have your arm sliced open on demand just to prove that you-

Wait a sec, you can.

Mutilation Demonstration is the favorite method of Immortals for proving to others their powers. The method is simple: grab a sharp object, slash open you arm (or any other body part), and let your Healing Factor kick in and amaze your guest. In other words, you take Good Thing You Can Heal to its logical extreme, deliberately injuring yourself for the sole purpose of proving you have a Healing Factor.

Expect more cynical fans to note its similarity to the practice of wrist cutting/self-harm synonymous with Emo Teens, especially since immortals tend to complain a lot about their immortality
  • This was a Once an Episode trick for Yuta in Mermaid Saga. It even got so common that his girlfriend eventually started predicting when the "I'm really five hundred years old..." speech was about to occur and started inconspicuously searching for the nearest pointy object to use.
  • Happens occasionally in the Baccano!! series, such as in the scene pictured above.
  • Claire in Heroes has been known to do this quite a few times.
  • The Nameless One in Planescape: Torment does this rather often. You can even do it to convince someone not to commit suicide.
  • Albedo from Xenosaga on at least two occasions shows off his immortality through self-decapitation.
  • Jennifer's Body. Jennifer burns her own tongue with a cigarette lighter, and slashes herself in front of Needy when she decides to share her 'secret' with her.
  • Obligatory Buffy example: when the mayor becomes invulnerable in human form, he has a vampire slice his head from the top to his neck. The two side reattach almost immediately.
  • A member of Youngblood once cut off his own arm when asked what powers he had.
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