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You have a little sibling. Especially a sister. The kid is wronged somehow. What do you do?

Do you deal with the offender in a calm, civil manner?

Or failing that, perhaps you are a little upset, yet you keep control over your emotions, and keep yourself as restrained as you can?

Or do you congratulate the offender, the offender's friends, anyone connected to the offender for keeping your little sibling or son in line?

If you are the latter, then congratulations! You are a Spartan Family Member. Unlike the Knight Templar Big Brother or Parent, the Spartan Family Member has absolutely no regard for their young one's well being. For example, if the Beserker Barbarians's brother gotten hurt in a fight. Rather than tending to their wounds, they will be given a simple roll of bandages to patch himself up and let him heal himself or rub salt in their wounds by giving them verbal abuse stating how it wouldn't have happened if they were stronger. If anyone has mistreated their children, they will be glad to side with the other side over their child/sibling as they feel "The kid deserved every bit of your insult" and the only remedy they offer to their child is "Toughen up, the world's a harsh place"

They are also negligent of long term effects, seeing only the short term solutions as the acceptable answer similar to how Barbarians/Spartan only raid and plunder. They will almost never look at the long term consequences of their kin's actions. If it benefits them right now, they will bleed it for what its worth, if not than they will actively torpedo any action by their child.

Any punishment by them know that it is wrong and harmful but do it anyway because it gives them a thrill, a fact that you are raising your kid or sibling The Spartan Way and that they need to be hardened against your idea of a cold hard world and that they don't need to like it or them. Just need to harden that skin and pray to god you don't die or become a total mental wreck.

It is not to say however they will glad to see their family die in a horrible way. If any befall their family, they will grieve for them no matter what strained relations they had in the past that they will put aside anything they had in the past. When it is the time to grieve.


  • The Sith in Star Wars lives by this concept of training padawans, if it doesnt kill their students, then it makes them stronger.
  • Christopher Titus seems to play into this a lot when talking about his childhood in dealing with his dad.
  • In Code Geass, the Emperor of Brittania couldn't care less what happens to his children, so long as, when all is said and done, one of them is strong enough to rule in his stead. Ultimately, its his disregard for their well-being that set the entire plot in motion.
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