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First Comes School Then Comes Marriage
A couple defer marriage until one or both completes school.
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No matter how madly in love the characters are, they may defer marriage until one, or both, finish up the school they are attending. This is usually college, but may be high school.

May be required to establish the man financially so he can support them. High school may be required to establish that they are old enough, or even to evade a Parental Marriage Veto because of their youth. Can also be used to show that even though it was Love at First Sight, it was not a shallow infautation.


  • Idiocracy began by showing present-day intellectual types talking about further defering marriage and procreation until after college, then Master's degrees, then Doctorates, etc., and ending up getting too old to have children; while more impulsive and foolish young teens/adults were having one "accidental" pregnancy after another. This established how the world ended up as it did in the movie, a few centuries later.
  • The film The Five-Year Engagement.

  • Anne of Green Gables accepts Gilbert's proposal despite his warning that his attending medical school means he can't marry until it's done.
  • In the Back Story of The Girl Who Chased the Moon, Vincent meet his wife Lily while he was thirty and she was attending college. They married as soon as they graduated.
  • In Jane Yolen's Snow In Summer, the heroine marries in the epilogue five years after the main events, when Willy graduates.

  • In Our Town, people in Grover's Corners typically get married when they finish high school.
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