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Echo Character
A character, usually a sidekick, repeats a clause or phrase another person said. And does it again and again.
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Looks like our hero has accidentally ran into a foe and his two henchmen. The foe says something, well, mean, or just starts trash-talking. The first henchman adds onto what his boss is saying. The second one...just starts repeating what has been said. OK, you think, well, perhaps the second henchmen may say something witty next time. Again, the villain talks, the first henchmen adds on and...what? Did the second henchmen just repeat what they said again? What's the point of that?

Well, that's an Echo Character. Mostly reserved for sidekicks, the Echo Character usually repeats what others around it, particularly it's partners in crime, say. Whether it be trash-talking, teasing, or just observing, the Echo Character will always blatantly say, "Yeah, [already said line.]"
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